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PIP Appeals

So I have been through the process, been to an assessment centre, appealed done all of that, small a big wad of medical notes in, they said there is nothing wrong with me. Really? these people are nothing short of idiots.

Has anyone take this to court & won? It is a lot of hassle & stress. The person was on the phone was like I understand what your going through, sod off unless you have chronic pain & PTSD.

Would be good to hear of anyone's experience of taking them to court. Thanks.

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Hi! Wish I could help, but, I can't :( ♡Julie


Yup all letters from consultants, GP etc. Which they ignored they are unbelievable, I don't want to start a new claim I want get it back dated. Why do they put people through this no respect for them.


By taking them to court do you mean tribunal? If so then I would definitely advise going to tribunal. This won't cost you anything and it has been well documented that there is a high success rate for people that previously been turned down.

Best of luck.


Yes that is the one, already got CAB involved these people at the DWP are totally wankers, they ignored letters from my consultant etc.


go to see the citizen advice bereau they deal with theses appeals.

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I went to tribunal for my PIP and won! Definitely worth giving it a go; did you get any award at all? If you have then you risk losing that BUT it's highly unlikely so crack on with the form for appealing!!


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You need legal experts on benefit issues for this. Law is complex. Going to benefit tribunal in the next few days myself. Going with benefit legal expert who knows what the law is.

Find who in your local area deals with benefit issues and see them post haste.


I DID take it to court, and I won too! My advice, to anyone else doing the same, get as much 'Documentary Evidence', as you can lay your hands on. This can be from Current Doctors/Consultants/GPs-not forgetting any PREVIOUS relevant material (it is very easy to forget this...DON'T).

The appeal panel, which was at a Colchester Court (this being our nearest 'main' town) were, in fact, quite 'approachable' and clearly di/had read the paperwork. (We are all, fairly sure, that the original Panel, did not, do this.). The Panel consisted of, a Judge, a Doctor, and a person from Social Services. The panel were 'at pains' to point out that they were 'bond' by the same rules, that the original panel worked to. That said they WERE 'independent and, as such, could make their own decisions.

I was also asked questions, regarding my condition, which my mother was also allowed to comment on/add to. We were then told that we would 'hear from them', within a day....We did and I was awarded 'everything' back. I'll admit that is has taken, a little while and some, quite a bit, of 'pushing', for this to happen...But 'happen' it did!

Anyway if I, or any of us, can be of further help please do let me know.

Sending you my very best wishes


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