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Had the dreaded brown envelope a cpl of weeks ago, so filled it out and sent it off, didn't bother sending anything with it as thought if they need to check anything they can contact my doctors surgery, I was first awarded PIP in 2015 and was surprised I didn't have to go for a face to face assessment or a medical, got a letter from them Saturday, been awarded it for another 3 years, that's 1 less thing to worry about, just wish it was just as easy to get medication that works.

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I never sent any first time round either, the list would be endless for the medication I've tried since first applying lol, just had to change medication again as had nerve pain the past 3 weeks and my usual medication wasn't touching it, fingers crossed the new lot does. Hopefully 1 day somebody will bring out a miracle pill that helps us all.

Bugger. Ive gone through the mill with pip. I was originally awarded enhanced daily living, but am fighting mobility.

Yesterday I had my 1st level tribunal and the person meant to be the mobility specialist, wouldnt accept, I have bilateral sciatica AND back pain.

Just waiting for a letter now. If they faaile, I will be appealing as the mobility specialist was against me from the start.

Oh well, 👆 fingers crossed 👆

Davek723 in reply to Macblank

Hi there sorry to here your very common issues with pip.

I did write a post called pip off britain.

Its absolutely disgusting the way people are treated . I get nothing from the government.

Having had similar issues , i cant get a doctor since i moved who knows what CRPS is never mind how to treat me.

So how on earth a guy who had no medical training can complete my assesment and conclude a huge score of zero lol is way beyond my thought process. On appeal i had a phone call whilst on the floor in my bathroom . My hip had dislodged even after explaining all this and being on the floor alone for almost 3 hours i still score zero . It teally is laughable .

Hope you get sorted soon

Best of luck

Pam6971 in reply to Macblank

Bloody hell, thats shocking, 1 of my friends had to take it to tribunal, she was awarded it then, she was awarded full amount for mobility and daily living so don't give up, they prefer when ppl don't appeal against it, majority of ppl who do appeal win, another of my friends is now in a wheelchair and been refused, she had an op on her back, she thought they were operating on wrong bit, wouldn't listen to her, she paid privately for a stand up MRI and was proven right, so now got a fight on her hands with NHS, she'd still be walking if they listened to her in the first place. Will keep my fingers crossed for you, you should win your case.

Scotspain in reply to Pam6971

I did my own filled all answers as worst day scenario got 15 points daily living and 8 mobility

Hi to all,

I went through the mill when I first applied for DLA but after waiting for almost 3 months to get a reply I was sent a letter stating I was one of the first to be put on PIP and I had to reapply but not to worry if I am awarded it it will be back dated to when I first applied after I filled in the form and returned it I waited just over a month then they sent me a appointment to go for a face to face interview but the problem was they wanted me to go into the center of Nottingham and the center was in a pedestrian are on one side and on the other a clearway so there was nowhere I could park close by I called them and they said they would arrange another interview a couple of months later they sent me a new appointment but it was at the same place so again I called and explained the problem and the kid who answered said if I refuse to come for this appointment then my claim would be closed I told him again that I was not refusing to do a interview but that it was impossible for me to do one in the Nottingham center so he went off and asked what he should do and then he said they will arrange a new appointment but to be done at home which I though was great, after 6 weeks the appointment arrived for in 3 weeks time when the date arrived a guy came and sat there asking me questions he read of his computer which were almost the same as on the first form 5 weeks after this I received a answer which said as I had told him I could do just about anything I was not entitled to anything for either care or for mobility when I read his report the answers he had put down were nothing like what I had told him so straight away I was on the phone to complain I explained that what he had wrote down was nothing like what I was like I also added that I have cctv and could send them a copy to prove what he had put down was all lies two days later I received a call stating they will do a second interview next week when the day arrived I received a phone call asking where I was as they were at the door and could not get a reply I said they were not at my door as i was stood next to it and asked them what address they had they read it out to me and it was just down the road on the other side I looked out and could see them so I told her my real address and she then came over and apologized for the mix up adding that the office had no idea what it was doing and that getting the wrong address was not unusual.

A couple of days after the interview I received a letter stating I had been awarded the high rate for mobility and the standard rate for care and that it had been awarded for 10 years so I was very happy with that.

It just goes to show the staff they have doing the interviews have no idea what they are doing and no matter what they say just keep on putting in appeals until you get the correct reply.

good luck to anyone having to go through this.

Regards Poppy Ann

That's good news Pam6971. True finding medicine that works is a maze for us and doctors. I am having problems myself that could be pill side effects or just another illness to add to the list. Enjoy your day.

So glad to hear you got awarded your PIP! I've recently had my face-to-face meeting with a health professional who came to my home. I am now waiting rather nervously, to see whether I will be awarded anything. I was on the higher mobility on DLA, and I struggle constantly. Until this last week, I've been spending most of my time in bed as it's such a struggle for me to get up, let alone do anything else. I have to admit, if I don't get it, I don't know what I will do, as I can't stand or sit for any length of time, let alone walk very far at all. It's a worrying time. If my previous doctor was still working, I would have had him write a letter about my condition, as he has seen me through everything, but he retired at Christmas and the other doctors dont really know my situation like he did, so I didn't like to ask any of them (plus I'm not comfortable with them either, as I find one particularly patronising). Maybe I should have! I have about 2 more weeks to wait to see my results as I was told I should hear in about 5 weeks after she had seen me. This is a waiting game I really don't like! Oh well, time will tell. Keep your fingers crossed for me all lol!

T xx

That is good 😊 no stress. Really pleased for you hun. I wish it was as simple for so many people and they would not have to undertake all the stress that it brings. Well done 👍 you can now relax. Take good care of yourself 🤗🤗🤗🌸🌹🌷🌺xxx

Pam6971 in reply to Jan101

Thanks Jan, I think cause I'm only for personal & not mobility that makes it easier, my friends who get for both had trouble getting it, so I know how much of a nightmare it can be for others, the system needs sorting out properly I think.

i have a pip assessment tomoz n im literally bricking mine has changed over from dla to pip got dla for bipolar disoder with mild schzioprenia n now i have 26 meds to take everyday n also victoza pen n ive got arthritis in knee generated to hip underactive tyroid off taking lithium tuts diabetes 2 i just hope u pass as i dont even survive with all the crap side effects im just existin i dont go out much unless someone is with me n pip assessment is goin to b so hard grrrrrz

Pam6971 in reply to pennybobs1

Good luck, just try not to stress over it, you should pass no problem, my friends daughter had hers a few months ago for changing from dla, she's now on high rate for mobility & personal care, she was middle rate before. Have you got someone going with you to the assessment x

pennybobs1 in reply to Pam6971

yes i have i have a joint tenancy with a friend as i cnt live by myself for obvious reasons im a danger to myself n other people

Pam6971 in reply to pennybobs1

You shouldn't have any problems getting it, always good to have someone with you, just try not worrying about it x

pennybobs1 in reply to Pam6971

she has alot to put up with some days i cba"d to get out ov bed why do i need too its crap being me

I had my Pip assessment in February and I was worried sick. In fact I was so nervous when I arrived at the assessment center before they could check me in I had to use the loo and was physically sick. I took my 17 year old son who was great he remembered things that I forgot I used as it was the norm for me. She even gave Tom some forms to see if he could claim for looking after me. A few weeks later I got a letter to say that I had kept my higher rate mobility and the care part I had got middle level whereas before I had lower level so don't worry too much about it

well lets hope so ive been on that victoza for 19 days n its side effects r horrendous so theres a chance ill get runs n sickness raaar n pls tell what r good days !!! i dont think ive had 1 for 4 yrs n nice to hear im not the only one worrying

I got 15 points for enhanced daily living 8 for mobility since have broken vertebrae and ipf chronic scarring in right lung so called about change so now I have all questions to do again but in more depth 40 pages. I was going to bin it n leave as is but no option I have 3 weeks to fill it in or pip gets stopped! Absolute nightmare they don't want u claiming so make it hard as possible dwp my ass dept of wankers n picks

Scotspain in reply to Scotspain

The broken vertebrae n lung etc is from after I got my 15 and 8 points was hoping for enhanced mobility but don't want to go through all the work I've done before but cos I told em about change this is the result I'd never have told them if I knew

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