Back and legs pain

Hi I'm new here

I started with lower back pain several years ago. Also in my legs. I'm on strong pain relief and now on morphine patches. I wake up on a morning with numbness to both legs and lower pain to the right of back. Had several. MRI scans and none the wiser to my increasing pain. I can only weightbear 10 minster then my pain increases. Am getting very depressed with my condition as unable to go anywhere on own. Is there any help out there

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  • No physio or anything like that?

  • Do you use any aids to help you? I use a tiny mobility scooter to get around. I can't weightbear for more than a few minutes too but my scooter has given back my freedom, I take it on planes, train, in the car, to the cinema and see friends etc.

    I find pacing very helpful too!

    Hope you get some relief and get your life back

  • Hi Joydie, try reading "Treat Your Own Back" by physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. It may help. It has helped my back problems as an ex-nurse +++ over the years.

  • I like your style Matron. I haven't yet but I will read the interesting ? about back pain. Is it on the net, a book or available in a different format? Many thanks. Hc3

  • Yes. You can get a copy from Amazon. Hope it helps!

  • I can only sympathise with you.

    I know how debilitating and depressing having your life put on "hold" due to being in constant back pain is.

  • Hi Joydie. Has no one suggested the source of the lower back pain? I would be pressing for at least a physio appointment to check for posture difficulties or misalignment of your body. Maybe you have developed poor sitting, standing and walking g habits over the years. If you can an appointment with an osteopath or good chiropractor could help to guide you as to haw you can move and exercise the muscles to support any weakness and correct other movement problems.


  • Hi Joydie! So there has been no cause or explanation for the pain? Are you having any other treatment? I'd get referred to Physio and see if the could possibly help?

  • The MRI scan has found nothing. MRI does not show muscle state or muscle control issues. It is worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor and also an Alexander technique teacher. They should be able you to investigate muscle control and posture issues.

    Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is very important in the fine control of muscles.

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