Do you think improving circulation to body, or affected areas lessen pain?

Any treatments you have tried that you think is effective in managing your pain? I just want to know how others cope with pain...

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  • Unfortunately for me rest and lying almost flat is the only that helps reduce pain. , hence iam not waiting for further surgery, I am no longer able to sit in an up right position and a lot of my mobility is affo. I have fibromyalgia, hyper mobility, inflammatory joint diease, stenosis and degenerative disc diease. I've tried a number of none invasive treatment s with little or no joy. I need put down . How u I cope I don't know, but I try to remain positive otherwise ad be beat mentally too.

  • Hi EvahLinear, I use several painkillers topped with anti inflammatories during flare ups, joint supports, rub on creams , home massages, wheat pads warmed in the microwave, elastic bandages, and most of all keep warm seems to help best. Rest is good too when you become weary from constant pain. Think good circulation helps as limbs can get cold we then tense to try and keep warm often heightening pain. Hope this helps.

  • EL

    Keeping fit and sleeping well, both important.



  • Hi, I have had five back surgeries. Metal everywhere. All the arthritis's there are including of the muscle. Poly and fibromyalgia, for a few. Several foot surgeries also. I try to ride my stationary bike 15 miles daily, do 80 ABDS on my abd chair, and bi- and tri-ceps, Quads, Leg exstentions, glutes, ect. with a 3 lb wt for 80 reps , five days a week. Quit pain killers about three years ago. Have been sick for about three months have not been able to work out, feel worse than I have in years ! You have to start slow, and work your way up. The rest of the pain I offer up to Our Lord. His was a lot worse. One day at a time. Smile ! So many things to be thankful for each new day!

  • Forgot, Ask your Dr. for a Rx. of PLO gel. A cream with numbing agents and a compound for pain. I use it on my back, and feet. it helps a lot. Best to you.

  • Hi I find swimming helpful. Also heat pad, tens machine (I have a big one that helps circulation and a small one I use almost constantly) also capsicaine cream. I understand from my condition/s it can be both types nueropathic and also inflammatary kind. I have been lucky in retaining mobility and agree to stay gently moving as much as you can even just around house. I cut sugar and carbs a few years back and lost a bunch of weight. I am not sure if it is in my head but I seem to get more innflammation pain after when I have had sugar. When there is more stuff going on in my legs they seem to lose circulation in that toes can be very cold, so I think you ask a good question. I am interested to try one of those ultrasound things aren't they supposed to help circulation too.

  • You guys have been through a lot. My lower back starts to be really painful it shoots to my right leg. I try to keep away from medications as I had some issues before and it had a toil on my liver.I cannot do any walking yet as it is painful at some point... I hope I could get through without surgery yet- financially not an option. I was just researching for alternative ways now, improving circulation which I respond well like many others such as massage, warm or heat pads with deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator. I will try to swim too maybe later this week, hopefully I get by. Thank you for all the responses and sharing your treatments with me... :-)

  • Hi, That is how my first back pain started. I could not walk. I will tell you, the first back surgery fixed that for me. Was no other choice. I was 52 at the time. I would look at surgery for this if it is suggested. God Bless.

  • Ohh.. hmmm I hope not. Have you tried any microcirculation therapy?

  • Alexander technique. McTimony Chiropractic, T'ai Chi, meditation and mindfulness.

    I need to do all of them.

  • Hi EvahLinear! Improving our microcirculation would definitely help with pain woes! As we get older and entering our senior years (huhuhu) may have moderately to extremely serious microcirculation problems and almost every non-injury related pain can be traced to a compromised microcirculation issue. Some therapies offer a painless, non-invasive method of doing such. You should give it a try!

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