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Injection dignosi

on August 2016 I had a S1 nerve root injection which was not successful, this was repeated on January 2017, with an nerve root injection at L4/L5, I spoke to the consultant this week who informed me there was nothing more he could do for me as they could not pinpoint the correct nerve for a new back operation at my lower back which runs down my left leg giving pain at the lower back, buttock, thigh, calf to ankle which is caused by 3 damaged disks 2 of which I previously had a discectomy for 5 years ago, any advice would be appreciated.

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I had the same thing done to me last yr ,the injection the nerve root ,3 times in one yr an didn't work for me either ,i have constant pain in my back al my joints are ,wrist ,elbow and ankles ,i asked for discetomy and the consultant wouldn't do it


Hi,yeah dr did those injections on my back too with little relief..ended up having spinal fusion...


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