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I'm suffering from shoulder pain which started at my shoulder but slowly travelled down my shoulder blade. It is currently back in my shoulder and I have no idea what to do as it hurts for a little, then goes away but eventually comes back.

I'm getting anxious as somebody said that pain from the shoulder could relate to the heart and I recently have been having chest pain but at the moment thankfully only my shoulder is hurting.

A few weeks ago I had a blood test because of my chest pain and tomorrow is the appointment for the results and I'm also extremely nervous for the results.

Right now the pain does not let me focus on my homework which is really annoying. Does anyone have any idea how I could reduce the pain?

Or can anyone please help to calm me down as my anxiousness is only making the pain worse ;(

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Firstly try not to worry too much.. Sounds like it could be a trapped nerve or issues with your c spine. I'm no doctor though but had same issues as yourself and it was what I've said above xx

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