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Benefits of natural broth (Pho) & fermented foods for gut-related chronic conditions

Hello! Has anyone experienced a significant benefit to gut-related chronic conditions after regular consumption of natural broth (I.e Pho...) and fermented foods (I.e sauerkraut, etc) ?? Been reading up on it a lot lately and decided to take the plunge. Today was my first giant step into the Pho world, thinking of also starting to make my own sauerkraut plus bake my own gluten free bread & cakes. I know! Lots of organising & time... will it be worth it? Watch this space ;-)

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iv not tried this at the moment im just trying to cut out sugar from my diet, starting with just leaving it out of my tea and coffee. i did well for two days but have slipped back again. im looking at some nice recipes that are sugar free, one is with sweet potatoe and coconut to make cakes. All the very best i hope this change in diet goes well for you as iv noticed when i'v tried varous ways of eatng, for instance one was called Fit for life. it was all raw fruits and vegetables i felt so ill i ended up in hospital for a few hours. so im doing it slowly. It good when people take responsibility for thier welfare. im not sure what PHO is i looked it up but i dont thnik i got the right thing as its something to do with vietnamese food. What kind of natural broth is my organic butcher sells natural organic bone broth he says this is the lastest food thing that every one is eating. is that what your is. im always interested in ways of eating and there is actually a part of this forum for taking about this stuff,recipes and the iike. love grace xoxo


Hello Grace111 your butcher is correct! it is natural organic broth, Pho is just the Vietnamese version slowly cooked for an average of 12-13 hours. I just bought it as it would be impossible for me to make my own at home. I didn't know that butchers actually sell it too, that's awesome. I wonder if any London butchers offer this? Must investigate. Will let you know how my first batch of bread turns out, if you like :-)

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Hi, I have recently embarked on an AIP diet and have been keeping a daily journal recording how I'm feeling with what I am eating. (I'm thinking about posting it online).

This diet also champions the bone broth as an essential healing food and I have been drinking broth daily since I began this diet on Jan 1st. It also eliminates gluten from your diet as well as refined sugars and quite a few other foods. The diet follows a (30 day min) elimination phase which is designed to strip your diet back to basics then you begin to reintroduce foods and make a note of any reactions to see if a particular food is a trigger for you.

It's quite restricted especially at first and I have had to extend my elimination phase due to illness so I can see that something so extreme might not be for everyone but, I figured, I have an extreme disease and so I should be prepared to put some work in.

That process requires a lot of patience and also emphasises other areas in life to pay attention to e.g. Stress, toxins in the home etc. I did about 2 months research and tried out AIP recipes before I began and I won't say it's easy but it is side effect free and after 12 years of going round the houses on meds it feels right for me at the moment.

I'm still on MTX and Tocilizumab but have reduced my steroids and painkillers way down. I'm hoping with persistence I can come off them all together but I realise this will take time and dedication. I have been craving a Chinese takeaway for 3 weeks! Ha!

Best of luck with your journey


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