A lot of people in pain in US turn to heroin because of the hassles and roadblocks put up that make it hard to legally obtain effective pain meds. Even for someone crippled for life and in constant pain. The US war on drugs takes precedent and this is the cause I am told I must suffer for. If this causes people to turn to heroin isn't this type of policy counter productive to their cause? Just wondering. All heroin in US is black market and there are a lot of ways people die behind that.

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  • I didn't realise this til I looked further into Oxycontin. It is a widely used prescription drug in UK although the effects of coming off it are well known.

    My David has it on his script .......

    OxyContin is basically legal heroin anyway, and has been called "hillbilly heroin" for years in the Appalachian region. Its active ingredient, oxycodone, is so similar to heroin chemically that many heroin addicts happily switch back and forth between the two.


  • Have had enough of games and politics of pain meds in US. Have had enough of medical industrial complex here. Too hard to deal with. Too profit driven. Low-income people horribly treated. You get the health care you can afford to buy, basically. Some in pain elect to use street heroin. I tried it recently, but decided I'd rather die than get involved with illegal activity on a regular basis. That pretty much leaves death as only viable option

  • OK.

    Not quite sure why you posted? Apart from me finding out a bit more about street heroine. Did you know Oxycontin is the reason why dealers profits have dropped so dramatically? Neither did I but there you go. Not of any interest to you or me.

    If you want to talk sense then I will listen If you keep posting how dire things are in America then members will lose interest. Enough problems in their own countries.


  • This can be true in the uk to. mind you once your a confirmed addict here there is plenty of help for you. a dose of methadone every day a social worker and about every other kind of help. its so very unfair that people is real pain have less chance than a drug addict of getting pain relief. being a memeber of organisations i see it every day they'r getting the best houses too and benefits. I just think its so unfair. in so many ways. love grace xoxo

  • I get it. Nobody cares about how horribly inhumanely I am treated. So my last post. Forever

  • yes we do care i was just agreeing to what you were saying. love grace xoxoxo infact lots of people seem to care. xoxo

  • People do care, but this isn't the first post where you have said nobody cares about you, by making this your last post, well, what are you going to do about getting support on here? even with your emotional blackmail, we still all do care x

  • Dale

    The comments people have made prove that we do care.

    I take oxycodone and without it I would be a mess.

    People in the UK find it difficult to understand why the world's only superpower can treat its citizens so badly.

    Best Wishes


  • Dale8 - I care how you are being treated. I have full body CRPS. Wendy x

  • Stop it Dale8. Get off your self made Pitty Pot. You want to die? I will personally speak tell you that there are many, many on this Pain Forum who do have very ligitimate Chtonic Pain. Some never sleep due to their Severity of Pain. No one here is talking about illegal Heroine. Why? Because that's exactly why ligitimate Chronic Pain Patients can't get Prescription Pain Medications because of Heroine. You know this, I'm sure or you wouldn't have the balls to mention it. You should try a Methadone Clinic. I don't like your selfishness of you talking about taking your own life. Get it together Dale8. There are plenty of people who care and who love you.

  • You have the Odasity to say what other people think? Pretty much everyone here has stated they care. We are a SUPPORT GROUP. WE SUPPORT EVERYONE. It's NOT a suicide hot line. You must understand that your posts have been very self centered. If you ask for SUPPORT you'll get support and alot of it. This isn't the first time you've mentioned ending your life. I truly Hope and Pray that you DO NOT take your life. I do. What a shame to die thinking no one cares.

  • I care. I don't have answers but I care...hugs .

  • I daily take large doses of prescribed morphine which is bad enough. No one cares about heroin addiction they only care about the crime caused by it. Quite a few countries now prescribe for addicts free and despite this being a success it has been adopted by very few places.


  • Did you know Oxycontin, freely prescribed in UK and elsewhere, is heroine


  • I for one do sympathise with your situation. But illegal heroin is not the route you should be going down. Bless x

  • Hi Dale,

    I hope that you're still among us. I understand what you're saying. I'm 60, male and was diagnosed in 2012. I've done the planqenil, sulfasalazine, metrotrexate, embrel regime and am now on my second run of rituxin. So far there's not much improvement. Up until last year I was on hydrocodone and oxycodone for my pain until one day when my doctor told me that he would no longer write me prescriptions for pain and sent me to a pain management clinic. The doctor there made me feel like a junkie so I quit going and stopped taking the opiods cold turkey and never went back. My pain was and still is excruciating. I contemplated turning to heroin (easier to get and cheap) or ending my life on a daily basis. Last September my mom and my best friend died. Between my grief and my pain, the need to end my life became even stronger. One night my aunt, my mother's sister who is 90 called me crying and was telling me that she to wanted to die. I told her that we could go together and her response was that we couldn't because "what if by doing ourselves in, we would never see our loved ones in heaven again" based on our catholic upbringing. That was like a slap in the face. I never thought about pain meds or suicide again. My pain is still excruciating but I've accepted my disease and now no longer fight it. I long for the days when I could walk, dance or open a bag of chips but right now it isn't so. Hopefully one day soon. After all this gabbering I guess what I'm trying to say is to find your peace. It won't change your pain but it will help you get through this horrible disease! Best wishes!

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