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Prostate cancer

Husband just diagnosed. Small cancer both sides - but Drs say unsure if it has spread despite two MRI's and one Biopsy. They are blaming laser treatment for a benign prostate 7+ years ago possibly causing scarring and making the scans unclear. Now want to do a Transperineal Biopsy which involves full anaesthetic - catheter and 2% risk of something going wrong.

Our problem is the track record of our local hospital from the previous occasion - when hubby was messed about so much that he refused to be treated locally, instead going to a well known teaching hospital with an excellent record and speedy resolution of his problem.

Does anyone know how risky this procedure is? If still unclear afterwards - what next? Leave well alone and cross fingers or ask for a referral somewhere else.

any comments gratefully received. Sorry this is so long.

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If you are not happy then ask for the referral to somewhere else.

I hope your husband will be ok.

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I have to say i dont know the answer to your question, but they do say we live and learn and from your own statement about your experience in the past if i was asking the same question of you i would be heading back down the road you found before, at the very least for an opinion. I hope you find the help you need.


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I am sorry to hear about your husband being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I cannot begin to imagine what you are both going through.

For me, trust your instincts. If you are not happy with the situation then speak to the specialists, tell them what is going on and what you want done.

Remember that when it seems like everything is out of control, at the end of the day it is your decisions that matter the most. No one else.

I wish you both well.


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Thank you jimtom, leonwp and DWT66 for taking the time to respond. It is very difficult to know what to do as the local hospital were brilliant when husband had a burst ulcer last year medics undoubtedly saved his life and in the process found the cancer.

He has decided to have this procedure but if they STILL don't have a clear diagnosis after that he will ask for a referral to Addenbrookes for a second opinion. This procedure is far more invasive than an ordinary biopsy - scary for him although of course, it is routine for the clinicians. The first biopsy caused no trouble at all, so we may be worrying unnecessarily.


I can totally sympathise as my husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on Monday, he also has it both sides. He has decided not to go up the surgical route so we are yet again having to wait for another appointment this time for an oncolgist. I pray that this time your husband will sail through the procedure and that they can give him a treatment that will


It's such a common problem isn't it? It is said that more men die with this problem than OF it. let us hope that is the case for our chaps and any others currently in this position. My husband's apts have come through quite quickly - can't fault the local hospital on the trail so far - it's just worrying that they can't give a definitive diagnose without the extra procedure.


Oh had his biopsy with just a local anesthetic which of course has its advantages and disadvantages. He was unfortunately the one in a hundred who developed an infection afterwards so I had to rush him back for them to take a look and give him new medication. I am glad to say that worked.

We have now seen an surgeon buy he has decided not to go up the surgical route. We are therefore waiting for an appointment to see an Oncologist. He is leaning towards hormone replacement followed by 40 sessions of radiotherapy. I know that will be hard on me as I am ill myself but needs must as they say.x


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