I've been looking over several posts,and I feel that most people our suffering in pain,and whilst it's great to have this web site I wonder if we all have the same problem explaining ourselves to our GPS and how I feel coming out(dejected) I often feel if I took someone in with me for some support I might have a little more courage to explain rather than thinking the next patient is waiting and not saying what /why I'm there for,am I only person who had this problem?

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  • Absolutely no point in seeing any of the many different Drs at my surgery.  You get 10 minutes.  I had a few things to talk to them about, rather than make 3 appointments I had hoped to discuss these very importnt different issues but after the first one, which was about my meds, I wanted to ask about a strange mole my husband's noticed on my back but the dr said (without even looking at it) keep and eye on it and see if it gets bigger Over the next few weeks! There seemed little point in asking the other problem. I don't know where you'd need to live in the uk to get a better GP practice but it couldn't be worse than south London.

  • As I'm having pudendal nerve and heart problems, I really don't know if it's worth changing Drs while these are still ongoing, as don't won't to confuse things s and it's taken years to get to where I am now but a double appointment is a good idea thank you. I just wish I felt that someone cared, they really don't seem interested.  I wonder why they became gps, at least at my practice.  They've had retirements, Drs leaving, locums, new Drs starting,  I'd love to be able to have the same GP.  You say you're also in south London, I'm in Bromley, don't suppose your surgery is there, as once this is sorted I'll definitely change GPs.

    Thank you. 

  • Please do NOT take any notice of NHS choices reviews as they are even worse at editing to suit their own agenda than this site can be,I wrote Avery honest review of two Hospital's and they edited the bits they did not like! A Registrar has refused to accept a hospital Drs cause of death as it did not correspond with actual happening ,s this is very rare but NHS choices deleted that part of my review and only included the part where I did give fair praise to a particular ward and its staff. So sorry if folks disagree I can only go with what I have personally witnessed

  • Dell01 That's terrible, although sadly I'm not surprised.

  • I did look up reviews for local gps, with a view to change, thank you. Once my ongoing health problem has been sorted out, I will definitely change, as like you say, it takes time for letters to be sent across.  Reading some of the reviews for my practice, I'm not the only one unhappy with how it's being run. 

  • Hi Cb1963

    Firstly, don't be worrying about the people waiting to go in after you; the people before you probably weren't worrying about you so take your time! Secondly, maybe writing the stuff down in note form would help you talk to your GP more comprehensively? That wayyou've taken time beforehand to know what to say first, what to ask etc. I write everything down now; even number it so I don't miss anything if it's important.

     I do agree that taking someone with you can be good but you've still got to remember to prepare them with what you need/want to say or ask. They'll then need to remember!! It would be good if you took someone who can calm you down and stop you worrying abouttaking too much time; yes you only get ten minutes so can't obviously have half an hour in there but I don't think I've ever been to a GP or hospital appointment that's running on time!

    If you're still worried, book a double appointment so you get twenty minutes or if necessary, make more than one appointment. Maybe ask for the last appointment of the session/day? That way, nobody's waiting.

    Always make sure you get the time you need; don't feel under pressure, you'll only need to go back!!!!


  • Thank you for you reply, a good idea asking for a double appointment, I'll do that, although it's very difficult to get one let alone two but I'll try.  They've a new system now, instead of making appointments 3 weeks in advance its one week and each time you ring there aren't any appointments left.  My husband was told by the nurse after a blood test that he needs statins but she wasn't able to prescribe them herself, so he'd have to make an appointment to see a dr. Every well for 6 weeks he phoned without being able to get an appointment.  In the end he said if he has a heart attack because he can't get an appointment for a dr to prescribe the meds he's been told he needs, then they will have to take responsibility for his death!  The receptionist said how about 19.50 next Monday!  It can't be fun to be a receptionist at our practice but they obviously have appointments for people who are about to explode with frustration. 

    Also I did type out what I wanted to ask and for speed and even bullet pointed the 3 queries, thinking this would be helpful.  This dr has just started and I had hoped she'd be keen but I think perhaps overwhelmed would be a more suitable word and doubt she'll stay long. although as she really wasn't interested.  I think the answer is don't be ill in Bromley ;(

    Thank you though, I do appreciate your comments. 

  • For's always helpful to have someone you care about with you.....they can take over to speak for you if you panic in the headlights.  Well said 😄

  • It does help to write things down and also to book a double appntment if u suspect your issues cover several conditions. That way you will be heard and not keep anyone waiting😁😁

  • Hi CB1963, Understand what you are saying, my Gp just asked me if I had painkillers at home and I never question or ask for anything else. Worry more about convenience to the doctor or other patients who need the service more. Sometimes I feel I need to talk more but no time. Since last september I have seen a Gp every month but nothing has changed on record so to speak. Guess I have realised over the years we just have to soldier on unless there is a crisis, you are not alone.

  • My doctors are really pretty good but I have for the last six months been suffering from a mysterious illness that is hard to explain. The first time I had 8 days in hospital but all my vitals are fine another cat scan while there and brain scan for the headaches all clear. The symptoms are falling asleep and unable to wake slurring my speech almost comatose it was decided I was allergic to morphine but it has never really gone and during these episodes I can't tell you how really ill I feel I have really thought that I am about to die they last anything from 20 mins to 4 hours leaving me like a limp rag and breathing difficulty. The last time I saw the doctor I said that enough is enough and they have to find the cause the result I have been offered a direct care plan by my GP I will have a 20 min appointment to set it up and then I will have immediate contact and regular checks. This is to stop all the visits to the hospital in a semi concious  state for which they can find no reason. The other problem that arises from this is that as a diabetic I end up with blood sugars all over the place and mainly in the night hypos which normally I never have. I have actually just gone three days without an episode three nights unbroken sleep and while still tired, still coughing still very breathless I am actually showing a sign of improvement. Last week I stopped taking my statins as I know they can cause problems I am hoping that is the mysterious cause. I intend to take up the direct care plan but as I am moving to a different area in couple of months I asked if it can be transferred but have been told it would be best to wait until I move and take it up with the new practice so as I don't know if they even provide this service I could be back to square one. So go back to your GP tell them how dejected you feel and insist they take some action it may help to take someone with you but in my case even with my husband I feel self concious but we are all different so it may work for you. My daughters advice to me based on a friend who did it is to go into the surgery sit down and say I am not moving until you sort my problem it's a bit extreme and I don't think I could go that far but it did work for my daughters friend. I only went as far as saying I can't go on like this I do need help. The outcome was what I have just told you. So I got some reaction. I do wish you luck but most of all don't let them fob you off stick up for yourself. Rosabeth.

  • Not last Sunday but both previous Sunday's and then three more times since Christmas. From what I understand the care plan gives me a link that I can call anytime and speak to my GP who knowing my history can advise or come to my house. Obviously it will be the doctor on duty but they will also have access to my records. Also I will have a regular appointment for them to check all the time what is happening. I had this In Spain not the phone calls but constant checks with the same doctor all the time and could always get an appointment as needed. One time here John called 111 I had first response doctors followed by my GP who promptly sent me to hospital so apart from regular checks it's not really much different. I just hope it does cut out the A&E visits. I have just had three days and nights without an episode so I am hoping its clearing. I did stop taking statins a few days ago so it's possible I have found the cause. Fingers crossed.i have not had one full day of feeling better or one full nights sleep since last September so three in a row I am feeling very hopeful. I was on statins once before and they caused unbelievable leg cramps so the doctor stopped them and didn't offer an alternative but my cholesterol has gone up so another doctor suggested a different one. It seemed o.k but now I am wondering if it is the cause . I really can't believe how well I feel to how I have been feeling. Rosabeth

  • As I am shortly to move house I am not taking up the care plan as they can't transfer it to the new GP I have to take them my letter and follow on from there. I had five days of feeling better then it started up again but still feel better than I did. Seen my specialist who says to stay off the statins and see him again in two weeks. I have been reading more on statins and found it can take up to six months to recover from them and even then you may never recover 100 percent. Average recovery is about three months mostly though it's a lot less. Hope everyone has a good day. Rosabeth

  • My doctor said anyone on statins need CoQ10 supplements to avoid the muscle pains.

  • The problem is Drs only have a limited amount of time per patient, I try to explain what is going on to my DR but never get it all out,so I found a great compromise write it down give it to the DR and see what they say! I have been thanked for doing this by one DR. As my New DR says they are not mind readers  they can only go on what we tell them and what they see

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