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What do I have and what should I do to stop it?

I have been getting extreme headaches and pains, mostly on the left side. Whenever I stand up after laying down, it hurts so bad I have to sit there and wait until it starts to lessen. When this happens, it seems the longer I'm laying down the more it hurts. It makes my vision get blurry, and my ears hurt more. With my ears, they feel like constant pressure, and every time I try to pop them, it just hurts so bad I can't. I ended up popping one of my ears, and now every time I swallow it hurts where the pressure used to be, but whenever I lay on that side, it no longer hurts to swallow, and if I lay on the exact opposite side (where the ear I popped is facing towards the ceiling) I have excessive mucous and saliva. When I tried gurgling water, I almost choked so I spit it out and it was all clear, except for like two little yellow balls. Whenever I put my hand over my ear, near the very front (idk what it's called, but it's like the very front part of the ear that is closets to your 'side hair' if that makes sense?) I can feel my heartbeat, and even count it. THe other feels like the pain and pressure has gotten worse. Also I've noticed when I'm about to cry, or trying to stop crying, it makes me hurt from the top of my head to my nose. I can't really tell if the pain I'm feeling is my head or my ears half the time. My throats is very sore in the front. I am hypersensitive to noises and light. I've also have nausea and can't eat anything other than dry foods (crackers, toast,etc) Everything tastes very bland, my mouth feels numb, but not numb enough that I cannot speak, and I am producing more saliva (I don't know if that's relavent, but I don't notice it until I'm swallowing another liquid). I'm not sure if this is relavent, but I get pain in my chest, shoulders, and neck. I also get a lot of nosebleeds, which I have never had before. And most of the muckus that comes out of my nose, is clear with red mixed in. I have also noticed at times I'm breathing really hard? For no reason. I've always had problems with sweating, breathing extra hard, and other things while playing a sport or working out (more than everyone else, even though I eat healthy and am not out of shape?)

I've been researching about this, but I can't really find anything. What can I do?

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Sounds like you're dealing with more than one malady. Lot of symptoms sound like migraines. Maybe some wicked type of migraine.


Do you have a supportive Gp to talk to? Some of this sounds like migraine symptoms I agree.


I do not. I've had problems with migraines before but this is different, it's like an 'extreme' migraine I guess?


It sounds to me like you have a series of infections that are recurring, remember that all the above shoulder areas you have described are connected via eustation tubes which links all of them together so if you have something like a sinus infection although that may clear up locally it can affect ears, throat etc and transfer infection which can then be reccurring. It may well be that all your problems are one problem, but only checking your symptoms with a doctor will get you that answer and then perhaps effective treatment.



It could be infections but it could be a strain to your scm muscles from working out. Look it up on Google so that you can understand more about it. I strained my scm muscles before last Xmas, had chest pains, ear ache, sinus infections, head aches, the list goes on.

You do need to go see your GP just to put your mind at ease.

If it is the scm it can treated with painkillers, gels and stretches but you need to go see the doc incase it is something else.

Good luck.


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