Left arm pain

I've suddenly been feeling pain in my left arm and haven't worked out in 4 days and on 28/11/17 started to feel pain in my left arm it feels tighter than usual. I don't feel chest pain so I'm not sure if its heart related but I am worried.

I feel pain in left arm and when I turn my skin it aches I have taken paracetamol and the pain has slightly subsided but can still feel a tingle. I feel sweaty and a little light head.

should I contact 999 in case it's an emergency?

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  • call the NHS out of hours the number is 111 they will ask you questions and they will be able to determine if its an emergency. you can tell them that your afraid. if your think its your heart and feel in danger call 999. do it now dear. i would call the 111 number now. it will put your mind at rest.

  • i have to go offline now i will look back in the morning to see how you got on. so if its not an emergency and your okay please let me know as i will be thinking of you. love grace xoxo

  • everything is sorted out now it wasn't serious

    Thank you for the help

  • Just curious...what did they say is going on?

  • They said it was a simple muscle issue e.g. may have slept on it in an awkward position

  • Yeah I was having the samething what was wrong please let me know even if it wasn't serious

  • Yeah it wasn't serious. I was worried but ended up being simple muscle issues. If you are worried do get it checked or call 111 to at least put your mind at ease

  • I did get check they said it my muscle was inflamed but men does it hurt and still does can't left my arm over my head or sideways ....just still hurt very much

    Thanks for the reply love means a lot

  • I'm glad it wasn't anything serious. Hooray! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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