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Throat pain

I just spent 4 hours in the ER yesterday for shortness of breath and chest pain. Ekg, chest x-ray, and two rounds of blood work and all was clear. I feel like I am losing my breath as I talk. Then it is like I have laryngitis for about 5 minutes. The scary part is that if I touch my neck in the center it hurts to the touch. I have a slight burning sensation in the back of my throat as well. Anyone else have this happen? Thanks so much.

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Do you get heartburn/acid reflux? This causes the symptoms you're describing? It's a very underestimated issue as the 'burn' is really painful and the stomach contents/acid can topple over into the windpipe & lungs causing some breathlessness and the 'hoarseness' in your voice?

If you get it frequently enough it's diagnosed as Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) but there are medications available to help treat the cause & effects.

This may of course, already been looked into by your doctor's but it's a possibility..........



I haven't had any burning down my throat. I did have a slight burning just in the back of my throat tonight after dinner. It hurts when I breath in sometimes. The ER Dr said that the pain down the center of my chest may be an irritation to the esophagus. I have an appointment in a week with my gp. It just worries me to be able to touch my neck and feel pain.


I had very similar symptoms last year and it ended up being Vocal Cord Dysfunction. GERD can actually cause VCD (vocal cord dysfunction) also. Towards the end I think my primary care thought I was making it all up because all the tests kept coming back normal. It felt great to finally have an answer.

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Hi! I had a shocking Throat for weeks after buying a new Battery for my Laptop. It felt very swollen, burning,the more I used the Laptop the worse it got, my voice got so hoarse I could not speak. I took my Laptop to the Computer shop and told I had been sold a bad battery. I bought a new one and it seems ok except I can only use my Laptop for an hour at most as it seems to have made my throat sensitive. If it is not laptop and you have not found the answer maybe you are allergic to something in your surroundings, good luck in finding the answer.


Ive got vcd and gerd and i get these symtoms


I've been to my gp and she doesn't believe it is acid reflux. She thinks it's just inflammation in my chest and my anxiety. She has put me on anti anxiety medication.


I have just got in from the hospital after exactly the same symptoms - I didn't particularly have chest pain it was just because of the shortness of breath, but my voice sounded like I had laryngitis because I couldn't get enough breath to talk properly, everything was normal except my arterial blood gases which were low - they thought at this point I had a pulmonary embolism, however, my ddimer was normal, so they have said it is acute asthma and started me on prednisolone, antibiotics and ventolin and beclomethasone (I already had them but they hadn't done anything) I haven't had any problems with asthma for years then it was only sport induced.

I wonder if this could be the problem. Good luck



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