Muscle pain?

I'm a newcomer here, aged 83. Earlier this year had facet joint injections to deal with severe left side lower back pain - pretty successful. About 2 weeks ago developed general ache across lower back, together with sleepiness, and put this down to a viral infection, though had no other symptoms. Had two days in bed, afterwards ache still present but not too bad, sleepiness gone. However, last evening developed quite severe pain on the right side of upper buttocks. Have never had right side pain before. Currently staying in bed, since standing too painful. Taking Cocodamol, wwhich gives some relief but makes me dopey. Ibuprofen doesn't seem to help. Any ideas most welcome.

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  • have you tried a hot bag. its one of those things that you can put in the microwave as a hot water bottle you would not be able to sit on. also you can try cold therapy as well. sometimes a mixture of both hot and cold. you could use frozen peas in a pillowslip. or even gentle stretching. sorry to hear about your pain, im not sure of the strength of your co coda mol but they do come in different strengths so if your on a high one you could get a lower one from the doctor also i think its quite important to keep taking the tablets and keep them in your system rather than taking them when the pain comes. untill you can see your doctor again. all the very best. i hope your not on your own. happy new year. all the best for 2017 love grace xoxoxo🙋🏼

  • Thanks for your quick and sympathetic reply Grace. I do use a wheatbag sometimes and find it helps, also frozen peas. Thanks for the point about cocodamol - I'll check. Fortunately I have a supportive ex-nurse wife, so I'm in good hands! But this current problem is a bit worrying and it looks as though this forum is going to be very helpful. All the very best for 2017 - Graham.

  • Yes this forum will be really helpful for you. i'v read many posts about facet joint injections and the pain people suffer.i just thought i'd mention something that i know you could try, the forum is very quiet and im sure there will be many people reply to you soon. everyone is celebrating and its a family time for many, so dont loose hope. thats good news that you have a surrotive x nurse wife. i was going to say lucky you, but im not to keen on nurses, only joking 😂 All the best for 2017, love grace xoxo

  • Hi Gra_88

    Have you tried using a hot water bottle on the area? As with ice, it should really be used for 20 minutes then removed for 20 minutes before using it again etc, etc. It should help to relax your muscles in the interim period before you get to see your GP. Anything new should be 'looked at' rather than just accepting it as part of an 'old' ailment!

    Gentle movements & exercises should really be attempted to stop any stiffening up entirely. Keep it gentle though and ensure you warm up & down to avoid doing any damage!! 😊

    How about warm baths? Massage? A TENS machine?

    Until you've had it checked by your GP there's limited things to suggest so hopefully you can get an appointment soon!!

  • Thanks for that. The 20-minute sessions is a new idea - I do use a heated wheatbag, but tend to leave it in place as long as it stays warm.

  • I to had the facet joint injection, and it did not work at all. Like you its very painful walking and standing. In the last five years have had lots of different medication and injections. Nothing works. Have spent a fortune. Doctors send you to the pain clinic and they are obsessed with exercise. For me this is impossible. Iknow what you are going through. If i do find anything that helps i will let you know. It takes your life over.

  • Thanks for the reply. Actually, I had facet joint injections in 2008, they worked well and I was fairly free of pain until 2016, when I had another severe episode. Had injections last May which worked well, but some pain came back and I had more injections in November which had little effect but left me fairly free of discomfort. What then happened, shortly before Christmas, was that a general achiness began which, 2 days ago, developed into bad pain on the R side of my lower back - previously only the L side had been affected. We'll see what my GP makes of this! I want a diagnosis rather than just pain relief but I don't hold great hopes of that.

  • Gra_88. "O" yes my friend muscle pain can be very very painful at times, Cocodamol can be very good for a few days, but can be addictive if taken more than a week. Best thing for muscle spasm is heat, if you don't have an Infrared heater then try a hot water bottle lay it where your pain is coming from, then see your Doctor and ask to make an appointment to see a physiotherapist, they will break up that hard locked muscle causing the pain, the sooner the better. I wish you a happier New Year. Hermes123.

  • Thanks. It's bad today but I thinl I will lay off the cocodamol, since it gets me totally spaced out. Will try some heat, and I have a physio appointmentf this week - if I can get there.

  • Gra_88. Well done young man, you seem to have every thing under control. except that dreaded waiting time which we could all do without on excessive pain occasions. Good Luck I hope you come back a new man. Cheers Hermes123.

  • After a tough few days, spoke to my GP this morning (phone appointment) and, since cocodamol causes such dopiness, he has prescribed Naproxen instead. Does anyone have experience of that as an alternative?

    He also encourages mobility, but that is difficult, due to the pain. May have to cancel the osteopath Thursday, if it's too painful.

  • I went to the osteopath but found pain worse the next day. Saw my specialist today, he thinks what I now have is sciatica and I am going to have another MRI scan to check this. If it is, he says what will be needed is more injections, but not only on the facet joints. Follow this space!

    Meanwhile, analgesia is the problem. Naproxen doesn't help much, and cocodamol is horrible. The specialist suggests trying pregabalin or amitrytyline, and I'm going to see tomorrow what my GP thinks.

    PS My personal theory is that this was all triggered by the fall I had last August, when I fell off my bike into a deep, muddy ditch. This shook me up, and could have had consequences for my spine etc

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