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Has anyone had frostbite from applying frozen peas to a swollen leg having originally burst a vain causing swelling. This I did and now my leg is swollen and red and also quite hard in area of applying frozen peas with no reduction in swelling since burst vain 3 weeks ago. I left the frozen peas on the leg for ages in fact replaced 1 bag after it was defrosting. Am awaiting an ultra scan. next week. Any ideas as to what I can do in the meantime .It's difficult to know what grade frostbite I'm at but leaving it as is the case awaiting scan and result is what the doctor is doing.

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Frost bite is from ice and you put something frozen on your leg so yes, it is possible to get frostbite from frozen peas!! You should always wrap the frozen item in a tea towel before applying to the skin and it should be for 20 minutes only at a time with 20 minutes in between.

Maybe Google what to do with frost bite; presumably you've had it diagnosed as this so did they not give you advice as to what to do with it? I don't know if it affects an ultrasound at all - maybe worth asking beforehand?

Good luck..


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Thanks. my doctors' didn't seem to know for sure and thought initially It was an infection( it may also have been) and put me on a course of antibiotics .It is in any case, I've just read in a medical book, considered appropriate to take the antibiotics when having frostbite. But of course my stupidity caused it. I will ask about the usefulness of having the ultra sound scan. Particularly as I'm paying £282 for it. Given on the NHS I was told it would be at least 3 weeks waiting, Perhaps, in the long term given it happened over 3 weeks ago it won't make much difference.


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