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Post stroke nerve sensitivity

Hi I'm new here. 61yr old male experienced dissection of R. Vertebral artery 12 years prior, resulting in superficial nerve damage causing hypersensitivity to cold/heat/ and at times even slight pressure causing pain to the R. Lower extremity. Taking Pregabalin 75mg. Nothing to date really prevents the unpleasant sensation. There can be pain experienced in the whole leg, even if (it is discovered later) there is a very slight crease in a sock! I would dearly welcome any suggestions that I could consider following to alleviate the symptoms? Thank you,


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Hi Enigma know this is a pain forum but think this maybe not for you is there not a forum for stroke peeps - maybe called stroke association?

Take Care hope you find the answer to your query. 🎄🎅🏻



I have similar problems following stroke 2010. Only right side of body effected. Skin sensitivity, normally accompanied by bouts of pain and inability to control body temperature. Hot can feel cold and vice versa. One side of body can sweat whilst other side remains normal.

Try to avoid temperature swings, wear light clothing when skin is sensitive, don't over exert (this will exaggerate symptoms). Light bedding will help sleep. Heed warnings your body is giving you. Avoid temptation to over medicate when you are uncomfortable.

Hope you can cherry pick one or two tips.



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Have you tried thermal underwear, can get it in different togs. x

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