Trapped nerve

Trapped nerve

Hi I'm karen..really suffering at the minute, I have a trapped nerve in the middle of my back with the pain radiating around my rib cage and trapped nerve in lower back that radiates down my hip and outer thigh..really sensitive to touch so even the slightist touch is painfull. Taking dihydrocodeine and gabapentin for the pain but still in agony..any advice on how to ease the pain will be very appreciated.x

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  • try and get some nerve test done too find out where the trapped nerves are i'm in the same pain as you both my feet and toes are effected my hands too had a steriod injection yesterday into my hand

  • Auh you soul nerve pain is terribly painful, try other analgesia other than DF118 speak to your GP , maybe up the dose of Gabapentin ? Unfortunately how pain mess affect each person is individualised you'll need to find what works for you , sorry not to be much help hope you find resolution soon

  • Hi there im katie & i too have two trspped nerves in my neck due to bone spurs & slipped disks i too take dihydocodine & gabapentin but still in loads of pain mine too radiates around my ribs when its bad i cant breathe properly i also have s curve of the thoracic spine and depression. Do you see anyone regarding your pain physio or pain clinic ?? Its agony i know i myself are waiting to see someonecat pain clinic but i have at least a 12 month wait you could ask your gp for something stronger. How long have you been taking gaba?? Kind regards thoughts are with you katie ☺xx

  • If pain meds aren't dealing with it, ask if you can be referred to a neurosurgeon to be assessed to see if they can do something like nerve ablation (where they burn off the offending nerve roots)

  • Thats no doubt very painful, take care Karen get well soon

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