Hi due to pain clinic unable to offer anything else to me now I've been looking into herbal alternatives. Now the cannaboid spray was mentioned months ago but costs so much here in the U.K. It's impossible to get, even though the dr said it would be ideal for me.

I've done a little research and I came across the oil you can vape ( that has the 'stoned' ingredient removed) but I've also heard of this in like a tablet form, can anyone help, this is sheer desperation now. I've tried so many holistic approaches there's nothing left and I'm a mother to an autistic child so being able to manage my pain is an essential. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Take care


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  • Look up the oil on You can get it there for a "reasonable" price. I tried the tablets but for me they didn't help.

    Hope you get some relief soon

  • I found canbabis oil vaped to be nothing more than a nasty taste im afraid.

  • i wouldnt touch it with a bardge poll after the stuff they were selling in the legal high shops. i'd rather buy it on the black market its safer. however i dont touch that stuff anymore as its not good for my pain but i know it helps many people and im glad that they have something to help thier pain.i think it should be on script for people who it helps. they shouldnt have to go around dealers and the like for pain relief.

  • I agree with you grace111 but I did ask my GP about it and he said it's astronomically expensive so he couldn't/wouldn't prescribe it. I didn't think to ask what the cost is for a private prescription.


  • I have discovered that there is a new company run by a husband & wife team who both suffer with chronic pain. They have a website where they sell their own CBD products such as sublingual tinctures. It's I've just started exploring this option myself and I've tried the Holland & Barratt one but it's more expensive and very thick so I plan to try Mediease next.

  • I didn't know Holland & Barratt sold CBD products?? I've obviously missed out on this one??!! Please tell me more.....


  • Is Mediease and the H&B product just the same as the Medipen that I've been 'learning' about on this thread??Basically CBD without the THC??

    Like I've said, I think I'll keep on trying for Sativex from my GP! 😊

  • I'm very much a novice but as far as I know all the CBD products on sale in the UK are CBD only and do not contain THC otherwise I think they'd be illegal.

  • Hi just to let you know I've ordered a vaping oil and oil to be placed under the tongue from this couple.

    Very well priced when compared to other sites and much more organic, if that makes sense? Thanks for the advice

    Take carE


  • Hi JK, whilst following you on this site, saw your reply, how did you get on with vaping oil. I have used Medipen, but gave me bad headaches, has this helped you?

    Take care.


  • Hi well I didn't find either helpful to be honest. I also got headaches and the few glands I have left in my neck really hurt too.

    The hunt goes on but there aren't many options left I'm afraid.

    Have you tried anything else that helps?

    Take care


  • Hi again, well I use Actipatch which lasts for 720 hours. Look it up. They used to do a trial one. I use on shoulder that makes it even more difficult to sleep. Also use on low back but found I have to keep on for upto a week, (except when in water). So only helps the area it covers, but when you get parts that are driving you mad it really helps. Well it does for me. Wish they had one for arms, I have tried taping it on there, but it's so difficult.

    Good luck. If you find something that helps let me know.



  • I've never heard of those? I've had transtec & butrans patches but I just became immune to them also. Are you in the UK? I'm going to read up on these patches my pain clinicians never mentioned them to me either. Thank you

    Take care


  • Yes in UK. Take care.


  • Try the medpen, I use it it comes it loads of different flavours and I find it helps take the edge of my apin, relaxes my muscles and I use alongside my normal meds. I showed my pain consultant the other day and he approved.


  • Please tell me more about this medpen.........


  • Hi

    You can only buy it through the the medi pen website

    Medi they have various discounts a lot of the time.

    Hope this helps


  • .....but what is it? Is it a 'pen' as in the medipens that people use for specific pulse points or as you've also said "different flavours", is it for vaping?

    Please forgive my ignorance but I've suddenly heard of a couple of new things in this thread.......😊


  • Hi it is a vaping pen x

  • I've just looked it up;various reviews & thoughts about it!!! It's not something I'd be interested in doing; I'll keep pestering & begging my GP for Sativex!!

    Thanks anyway....

  • Hi no problem -fair enough!

    My understanding is the nhs won't fund Savitex here in Scotland or England for Chronic pain.

    I've been told they can't increase my meds anymore at this time so I was looking for something to help with my pain and heard about the medi pen. I'm having a facet joint injection on Thursday which I'm desperate for as the pain is so bad and I can't move without awful pain.

    I also have Dercums disease, Endometrosis, chronic pelvic pain caused by the endo and fibromyalgia.

    Hope you find some relief


  • Hi Arourasparkls, I'm new to this although have put one post up. I noticed you had Facet problems and were due an injection, I've been diagnosed with Facet Hyertrophy and all my doctors do is keep increasing my medication which is not very helpful. Seeing my consultant end of January. Just wondered if you can tell me what treatment is out there and what you have tried. I agree TA so painful even when you're led down. Bless you and hope you feel some relief soon x

  • Hi Jules

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have tried sports massage, which I still get self funded),

    She tapes my back which I find helpful.

    Hydrotherapy self funded at reduced cost through a back charity. Had to stop as pain got too much and very tiring and it didn't really help the pain. I have recently been diagnosed with Dercums and it dosent seem to help my leg pain.

    The facet joint injections are the only thing that work but I can only have them every 4-6 months. They run out after 4months or so.

    I have a great pain consultant.

    I am very lucky.

    Hope this helps

  • A private perscriptionwould be great but at a cost of £1500 for 6 months supply I couldn't afford it even if the gp agreed. Really the cost of all my other medication would be a lot more than perscribing this spray would, plus it would help all my conditions including the epilepsy

    Take care


  • The total cost of all my other meds would be more each month too so it is frustrating but not much we can do unfortunately! Suppose we've just got to keep rolling with the punches......


  • An interesting post. And I read the reviews on the Facebook page which are very varied. But too many of them are on mood lifting and relaxing. So because I'm undecided, I feel it's best left for now.

  • Found on another thread I found, Although I didn't think links were allowed?

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