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More symptomatic now headaches and nose bleeds!!

Sorry it's been a while since last post but a little worried about new symptoms. involving headaches and nose bleeds

Since starting Pain Clinic I have become very stable re old symptoms including Hemisensory Pain Syndrome (LHS), restless leg syndrome etc and managing medications, amitryptiline, pregabalin, morphine/codiene /nefopam/neproxin for breakthrough pain etc and all is going well.

A few weeks ago had an infection which required 2 different antibiotics (amoxicilin with naseptin for nasal infection) which has led to being diagnosed with Vertigo (waiting for appointment at Vertigo clinic) but when I went to see doctor and described symptoms he looked in eye and couldn't see clearly enough to make a conclusion re eye/back of eye etc but booked me in for an appointment with an ophthalmic specialist at our own gp which happens tomorrow when I will have pupils dilatied so he can see at back of eye. My sight has always been perfect at opticians so a little concerned. I can't drive if symptomatic and have been placed on light duties at work so I can still go in when driven.

Very frustrated and obviously worried about symptoms not improving after over a month.

Any thoughts team pain concern!!


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Suggestion only and a long shot - headaches - consider brain fog.

Pins and needles can be B12 Deficiency.

Idea only ask for your B12 bloods to be done, ask for a printout of your bloods done and their ranges and pop up your results on the PAS forum (Pernicious Anemia) on here Health Unlocked. (also for B12 Deficiency patients)


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