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Chronic back an leg pain for over 10years


Hi everybody new here so dont no how it really works ive had chronic back pain an leg pain for ten years .been on ibufen arthrotec 75. baclofen.30/500 co-codamol then 50mg maxitram till up to 200mg along with paracetamol i then was put on butrans patches 10mcg along with lyrica they helped at the start pain sort off leveled out but now pain is back been have been put on 15 mcg butrans an still on 75mg of lyrica where to next at my witts end with the pain any help would be greatfull thanks

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It maybe, as I have found out after over thirty years of back, knee hip joint pain, along with other symptoms. It may be Lyme's disease, I am now on antibiotics every day which helps no end, I can usually walk, bend, and squat without even a glimmer of pain, after taking doxycycline since March. All the best in your search, just find a decent doctor, took me 36 years!!!

Hi Pittvip, the only flaw that I can see with your introduction is that your Profile (well done. So many don't bother) does not say which country you are living in. As drug names and medical practices vary so much world wide it is handy to know.

Personally I would go back to your doc and tell them that your still in too much pain and that you are still failing to cope.

As the docs can only play guess when they prescribe some timES they under do it and sometimes over prescribe. Plus our bodies all react slightly differently.

Good luck, Rib

Pittvip3r in reply to RibvanRey

been put up to 20mcg off butec now will see how this goes Rib thanks for the reply Pittvip3r.

Just a wee update 20mcg butec patch and the lyrica 75mg are not working the butec patch is the same as the butrans patch an both have me still in pain so it looks like back to the drawing board for me new thing is not sleeping at night with the pain any body to help as to where i can go nex??

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