I have been prescribed calceos for osteoporosis.

With the advice from the leaflet about not eating or drinking certain foods 2 hrs either side of taking the tablet- its hard to fit two into my day!! My dr. Said he can't see why I can't take two at a time instead of one twice a day- but I read somewhere that we can only absorb up to 500 mg at any one time- anyone else heard this?

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  • Yes, I have read that, but not verified it. I have a pill I take on an empty stomach in the middle of the night when I get up to bathroom. But do you need to eat certain things with calceos?

  • No, they just recommend certain things not to eat or drink within 2 hours either side of taking one! Really awkward.

  • Sorry Clare. My answers not very helpful to you. Maybe post on Bone Health. X

  • Hi Clare. I have been on Calceos for 14 years and have always taken them in the morning with my other drugs after food. I was prescribed two, 4 years ago and take them both together. My las Vit D test was ok, however I am to have a complete review in January for my osteoporosis as my Dexa scan results weren't good. I have been on steroids for many years. I will also have a more in depth blood test. I have also started taking k2 capsules at the advice on other sites on here. I will put this on my list to check as well.

  • I can't really believe how I could have overlooked my dosage of calceos, when I went on prolia 4 years ago, a calcium blood test after the first injection showed I was low, and all I can remember is my Doctor upping it to 2 a day. Just looked at the instructions on the box and it says 2 twice a day !!!! I came off prolia last year and and was only put on Alendronate again the end of July this year. The trouble is have many conditions, including RA, hashimotoes, BP and take many meds. Have booked a telephone appointment for Thursday with my own GP. These forums have been so helpful to me.

  • I, too, have a pill which I am supposed to take and then not take any other pills within two hours. Therefore, I usually don't take it like I am supposed to. It is a pain taking pills at certain times. Take this after eating a meal at the same time each day. (that's another one) Take this at bed time. Take this in the morning. These pills drive me nuts!

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