Hi all.

Hope you guys/gals are keeping ok. Well as best as we all can when wet suffer chronic pain on a daily basis. Today isn't a good day pain wise today. I was out most of the day yesterday with hospital visits and then decided to do some xmas shopping with my niece, but my god last night and today the pain is horrific. Can hardly move today. Well a day of doing very little is in order today. I mentioned on here a while ago on here about my Dr referring me to a haematogist due to high ferratin levels that was found during a routine blood test. Well just rang for result. Again they've increased from 1st lost being in 700's then 2nd in the 900's and now 1053. Feel fine in myself apart from chronic pain . Seeing haematogist on Monday. But in mean time have any of ya experienced this. Tia Debbs. xx

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  • You may have Hemochromatosis...need testing done. At any rate get phlebotomies done & levels 50-150 range for females. I have numerous pains & Neuro problems from high Ferritin. Phlebotomies help relieve immensely! ! I liken it to crude oil flowing thru veins when high levels it is so thick & dark. When in proper range blood flows better & I feel better. Still lots problems due to years of damage so don't wait. Get it down & keep it down.

  • My Ferritin is also over 1000 at the moment and has been as high as 2000. I've been told that this can be because of RA and inflammation. Also, in my case, I had iron infusions before a hip replacement op in July and this can cause ferritin level to rise. It happened after both knee replacement ops. I'd also had to have iron infusions before those! I've been to Haematology about low haemoglobin levels which are thought to partly be due to RA as well being a vegetarian for 30+ years, and they also attributed ferritin highs to RA etc. So now I don't worry about it.

  • Hi Caren.

    That's slightly reassuring that yours has been in the 2000 range. I suppose I've only got a few day's to find out exactly what's causing my ferratin levels to be so high. I'm hoping they can find out and tell me there and then. Apart from all my other health problems I don't feel any different, has your levels made you feel any Different?Would be interestedto find out.

    Take care debbs . xx

  • its highly likely the high ferritin is the cause of your pain

    usually giving blood routinely soon solves the problem

  • Hi.I've suffered with chronic pain for over 20yrs now so I'd of thought that would of been mentioned would it not if the levels where causing my pain. My pain levels on a scale of 1-10 is definitely 10.My whole body is just so painful. I'm just hoping that on Monday when I go and see the haematogist they can give me some answer's. It was just found by a routine blood test I had done . So I'm now wondering how long is been like this.


  • Too much ferratin is no big deal. A course of venesetion's should soon have that under control. For more information visit haemochromatosis.org.uk/hae...

    or read archive.org/stream/venesect...

  • Hi johnevans7. Thanks for the reply. Yeah my Dr said it's not life threatening, but was sending my blood of to a different hospital for further testing and to find out why im producing to much ferratin . Got apt to see her end of this month. Thanks for the link's they ate interesting and useful. 😃

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