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Hello from the sunshine island.

Got a weather alert from Scotland today - where we used to live...snow! The Collies would always love the first sno of the winter. Greeting it like an old friend as they snow ploughed their noses through the fluffy white flakes.

We got our 'residencia' last week and now feel truly native. It affects bank changes, travel and few other bits. Friday will see us up at their 'social security' department which, just to confuse us, is their NHS. Once that is sorted David can be offered appointment at the pain clinic and I can get my long awaited eye operation.

A the moment if we need a repeat script we have to go to the surgery by taxi. Make an appointment. Return by taxi then go again for said appointment. By taxi. Nope not even on bus route and believe me the climb is like north face of Everest.

But the warm sun shines on and we are happy.

David's nerve blocs are long over due as is his acupuncture. They don't have any acupuncture on the NHS so he is going private tomorrow. She is well qualified so will see how good her technique is. He will need a few sessions to get back on track.

And the skies are clear and blue. Makes us happy.

My GP has agree I have chronic pain in my hand, hip and sij. Sij have been behaving but hand and hips do bother me. So...she has changed my meds to Tramadol 2 x daily wih paracetamol for top up. Said to see how I get on and go back if not working. I wasn't happy about the change but guess I'm in the club now.

Had several visitors - from Scotland with more after New Year. They can't believe how quiet and peaceful it is here away from the noisy holiday resorts. Thats the way we like it. garden gate is working well and letting friends in!! Just as i wanted.

Pat x

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So pleased that it is all falling in place for you Pat, i think your immensley brave to have done the relocation but the benefits will out weigh any losses. I found the spanish health system fantastic on the mainland and i hope its as good there. I know just what you mean about residencia it used to be the pot of gold but realky that was permanencia which i believe you no longer need, a good thing because it was so very hard to get and im sure in those days that wasnt accidental. So wonderful to find that someone takes on their medical limitations and puts their dreams first, you are an inspiration Pat. Bless you both. Leon x

Really glad things are working out well for you.

I enjoy your postings and useful advice.

Hi Pat. Always great to read your posts but rather sad to hear that you have had to surrender to the opiates. I hope that they help you manage your new found life. Maybe by the summer you will be able to enjoy movement without them.


Hi Paton

Great to hear your update.

Just wanted to wish you both all the very best xxx


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