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Tmd, intense pain

I'm suffering fromTMD a condition of the jaw, MIR scan has shown that I need surgery to correct. I'm currently taking 8 coding sulphates and 2 muscle relaxants a day and have been told by consultatant that it could take 18 weeks for for first minor procedure to remove boney growth and possibly both injections, but this won't fix things and will need a bigger op at some point to rectify things... My consultant described my joint at this present time as "a mess" the symptoms I've endured have been excruciating at times, and I've list 2 stone in weight, just to know I'm not the only one in this situation would reassure me that not alone.

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Hello Rippon43, I am so sorry to hear of your jaw problem. I also suffer from severe jaw issues & continuous pain & spasm. To date I have had 2 arthrocentesis done on my left joint side & have been told the next procedure will be facial surgery to deal with atrophy of the tempo-mandibular joints. I have suffered with Sjogrens Syndrome for many years & have also dealt with major teeth & gum abscesses ... yucky ... horrible!! My two procedures certainly helped as it cleans the joint & then steroids are injected through the cheek to the joint. It sounds a lot worse than it was, it was over very quickly and very much worth having done!! I definitely was helped with this. I am waiting to see new oral consultant in Nov to hear next thoughts for treatments. Drs. will probably put surgery off till I have no option, ( I have been told I am not a great candidate for surgery); Nothing new in that then!! However so often pain does the dictating!! One of the previous consultants put me on a strong muscle relaxant at night which helps. It is from the valium family, but I do not care if it relieves some of the pain! Do you have connective tissue diseases? I'm sure you know to take soft foods & do not try to open your mouth wide or chew too hard etc., You are not alone dear friend, I and many others on this site do empathise with you very, very much. My thoughts are with you Pixiewixie

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I have read that TMD can be caused by vitamin and iron deficiency Rippon43,

Suggestion only that it might be worth doing some homework (googling) and to get your vitamin D, B12 and iron blood levels checked.

Receding gums can be caused by vitamin D deficiency.

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