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Hello everyone. I am new to this, i have recently been diagnosed with CRPS of the right foot, pain mainly radiating to the big toe, ball of my foot and side of my foot. This happend after id been in an induced coma for one week and then hospital for an extra week bedbound. I straight away upon discharge begun physio within one week my physio said he believed i had CRPS. I have been working with my physio everyday since then which im now on week 5. I have noticed the "flare ups" as such have decreased in length but no intensity anyone have any idea how i can beat this and if i can go into "remission"

Atm im on lyrica 225mg per day and endep 10mg a day.

Thanks, T

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Hi tanaaa it all depends if u have type 1or type 2 if u have type 1u will have a very good chance it will get better, if u have type 2 then it may not get better. I have type 2 I'm on a lot off meds and because my was really bad I had my left arm and my right foot amputated, if I was u I would keep going with the physio that should help also get u gp to refer u to a pain specialist they can help u with the Wright meds if it starts to get to painful

Best wishes to u


Hi,I developed CRPS in both hands after a fall.My orthopaedic consultant noticed how stiff my fingers were,swelling etc.My physio wrote to my GP and asked for me to be referred to the pain clinic.I was diagnosed with CRPS within weeks of my accident and had lots of therapy and pain killers.I also had another operation on my wrist which helped with mobility.If there is one piece of advice that I can give it would be to keep moving the affected limb as much as possible.I am now told that my CRPS is not active although my hands still burn change colour have tremor etc.I also have milky vision and terrible headaches.

I found therapy,warmth and using alternative pain control the key for me.After 4 years of hell I am now feeling better about my situation.


You're CRPS is active using the "Budapest criteria" have a look at my post further down". Pain has many forms in CRPS. Unfortunately a lot of people assume that if you haven't got sharp pain that stops you in your tracks that you're not showing symptoms. The May 2012 report by Royal College of Physicians is what health care professionals should be using.


Are you doing stretching type exercises?


Thanks so much for your answers everyone and yes we do excercises stretching and active eg putting weight on the toe trying to step on it stretching hips ankles etc all sorts of things ive attended physio everyday for the last six weeks. My pain seems to localise now the big toe/ball of my foot and sometimes but not often ill get a burning pain on the right side of my right foor.


I have CRPS. Google "Complex regional pain syndrome in adults: UK guidelines for diagnosis, referral and management in primary and secondary care" it's by Royal College of Physicians May 2012. The latest multidisciplinary report including patient groups input. They no longer classify CRPS as type 1 or 2. Physio, pain control and Pacing have helped me as well as Bowen therapy.

Check out the Pain Toolkit Booklet. I think it's the 3rd link down that's the best if you google it. Good luck x


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