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Pain concern in back chest legs and thighs

Pain concern in back chest legs and thighs

Hi I suffer with anxiety and I was in a bad car crash recently which left me with the bruise in the picture the bruise has gone now but I am still getting pain in that area and it's been 2 months since the accident and I keep getting chest pains and shooting and acheing pains in my legs and thighs also my back, I am worried sick do I have a blood clot? I had my bloods done but they came back all clear but I like to be certain?

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I had a car accident in 2011 and had a nasty pain in my hip for ages. I saw my dr after 3 months, and was told I had a blood clot, but there are two kinds, and mine was not the kind that can break away and kill you. It was painful for over a year...

If you think there's something not right, see your Dr - but you might just be like me - you may have a blood clot, but it might not be the bad kind!

Car accidents can take a really long time to recover from... I was surprised how long my hip hurt, but I hope you'll feel less painful soon!


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