Neck, shoulder and back pain

I had TLIF surgery in May this year and have had great results. However, over the last few weeks I have developed a painful stiff neck that clicks when I move it. The pain is also in my left shoulder and upper back and travels under my arm, across my left breast and right down my left arm to my fingertips. I have seen my GP who said it is degenerative disc disease (although I'm not sure how he came to this conclusion as he hardly looked at me). He prescribed Naproxen which I said I couldn't take due to stomach problems. He the prescribed co-codeine. The co-codeine made me feel sick and totall knocked me out. So now am just using paracetamol & ibuprofen. I am awaiting a CT scan to check my TLIF surgery is all ok and have requested they do it on my upper back at the same time but not sure if they will agree to do it. Th pain is awful and do not know how to help it. Any advice please

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  • ibuprofen are the same type of drugs as naproxen they are non steriodal anti inflamatories called N S A I's for short. just be sure that you eat before you take them as they also can hurt the stomach. they are very good for some sorts of pain. i have stomach probs and breathing probs when i take them but as long as i eat something before hand my stomach can cope. maybe they are less strong that naproxen, i hope someone comes along and can tell you what your options might be. hope all goes well for you dear. love grace.

  • You need to see a chiropractor. The muscles in the shoulder have probably over contracted resulting in the head being pulled out of alignment.

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