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Fibro pain


Although i have been a member for a while and enjoy reading all your posts i have never posted myself.

I have had fibromyalga for over three years now and i am learning to deal with it. Over the weekend i have developed pain in my stomach which i think is to do with my fibro it does not feel like it is inside my stomach but on the surface and comes and goes in fluries. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks in advance.

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Hi fergie - you might get a better response to this if you ask fellow fibromyalgia sufferers at the FMA forum here.

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See an Alexander Teacher and sports therapist. "Fibromyalga" is a diagnosis for a list of symptoms. It is not a cause. Looking for a cure may not be a worthwhile exercise. Looking for skills to reduce pain and discomfort and develop more mobility is.

The Alexander Teacher deals with pain and discomfort caused by faulty posture and poor muscle usage. The sports therapist knows a lot about happens to muscles after an injury. The sports therapist can help you look at alternative treatment that may help your condition.

Hope this helps.

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You may want to check out IBS which is a symptom of fibro too x


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