Severe rib pain

Hi this morning I woke up with slight pain in my right ribcage, but I barely felt it so I ignored it, throughout the day it has gotten much worse and now the pain is really bad, and to make matters worse when I had to go number 2, it really hurt my stomach, like it felt like I was about to tear something. My rib is currentoy really hurting and is getting unbearable. If you have any idea what it might be please help.

Thank you

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  • all i can say is get an appointment to see about this today at the doctors. it does sound like a strained muscle and maybe its getting worse but im no doctor and if it was me i would definately go and see about this you may need some painkillers and you definitly need peace of mind and to know whats going on. i wish you well and hope that you get this soon to. love grace xoxoxo

  • I'd agree with Grace. If there is no improvement today see a doctor but it sounds like a strained muscle. Often you don't know that you have strained one when it happens.

    Hope it get sorted soon


  • Sounds like it could be costochondritis, apparently can be a common ailment with fibromyalgia. Its an inflammation of the cartilage that connects ribs and the sternum. It is painful, but usually just resolves itself. But definitely see your doctor to be on the safe side. In the meantime, try heat and anti inflammatories till you can see your doctor

  • I was going to say same thing. Sounds like costochrondritis. I have suffered in the past. Can take a long time to recover from but it varies depending on the severity of the muscle strain. Try heat and go to doctor to be prescribed anti inflammatoris or gel to rub in. I found Penton gel which you can buy over the counter to be helpful. But everyone is different. Best of luck and try not to worry

  • I meant to say Pernaton

  • Hi Serena, have you had a fall? or knocked it? I am a tree surgeon, and we get our cuts and scrapes but until Last week I was accident free in 23 years, this time I climbed as usual and just seen a branch hanging so leaned back with the saw and fell, landing with my hand under me and severe pain in ribs, In hospital they said I`d cracked 2 ribs. excruciating pain and worse now than then, My Doc prescribed Oramorph, (liquid morphine) it works wonders with all sorts of pain. My Doc also said rib injuries clear up quicker than normal so hopefully yours might. I am on Oramorph anyway due to back injury. good luck.

  • Hi Serena_Laca, one question does it hurt when you breath more? Once I had Pleurisy bad an it will make your ribs hurt. It is more likely a strained muscle unless you have fallen or been injured in some way. If your Dr is unable to see you today go to the ER or one of those walk in clinics so someone can do an xray on your rib in the area you hurting.

  • i dont want to alarm you,but pain under the right rib cage could be liver related.i have costochondritis and a lump/pain in my left rib-could be related to a certain condition,definitely get it checked out

  • My liver causes that kind of pain when it's swollen and irritated.

  • Behcets patients also get Chostochondritis, so if you are are BD patient then it is a common symptom associated with the condition. A chest x-Ray is a must though to rule out other condition that are you are worse!!eottird adbout

  • Hi.

    Yes a GP appointment tomorrow would be a great idea.

    Do you have any "NHS Walk in Centers" to hand if you are really worried ???


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