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Perineal Nueropathy or MS

Have just had my second brain scan on left side of head was suffering with balance problems cold leg and foot . The second scan was done with contrast dye and showed ear was ok but found a small area away from the ear that was Inflamed with little scarring so now have to go for full brain scan . Could this be Nueropathy or Ms so confused I also have severe tiredness and like there is little ant running under my skin.

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None of us are doctors here, so I guess we can't really answer the question about what it is. Its really good that they are doing further tests to help find out though. Hope you get some answers soon.


Lack of sleep will interfere with balance. Lack of sleep will cause waste products to build up in the brain. To get rid of the waste products try sleeping more during the day and see if this helps.

The medical profession often ignore the head angle when investigating issues of lack balance. The eyes are highly involved in balance. If your eyes are off the horizontal because the head is at the wrong angle you could have balance problems.

Hope this helps.

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