Help and advice needed again

Hi I have told my story on here and I have recieved brilliant advice from a few ppl. I went for an mri scan yesterday as I had a seizure in may and had been waiting to see neurologist if I had of waited on nhs I would have been waiting for 18 months to get an appointment so my mum paid for me to go private any way I had been to my gp on monday and he asked me to get in touch with the neurologist to see if he could get an mri done of my back whilst getting scan on my brain. When I got there they said they hadn't heard from neurologist so they cudnt do mri on my back. I rang my gp after scan to let him know I only got scan of my brain I then asked gp could he refer to get mri of my back he said no he wudnt be able to refer me. Am I missing something here a gp can't refer me. Has anyone advice for me is he right or what should I do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😊😊😊

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  • Hi.

    I'm sorry to here about your bad news !!

    Yes I also had problems with my GP in 1998/99, he also wouldn't refer me for further treatment's.

    I decided in the end too change my GP/Practice.

    Since then I have never "Looked Back"

    You should be referred for more tests

    Moving to a new GP Practice/Chemist

    I was the best thing that I had done.

    I hope this "Helps"


  • Thanks Steve. If I move gps will I have to stop my medication until I see a new gp

  • Hi no u have to carry on taking u medication

  • Hi, I don't think so !!!! Do you want me to cheek for you ??


  • Yes plz

  • Hi.

    No you will/can keep using your current meds & you can take them with you on your 1st appointment with your new GP.

    The new GP will then go through with you and then they can take that decision for you.

    So Don't stop anything at this stage.

    Please contact me in the mean time if you have got anymore questions or if you require anymore help ??


  • Do you mean you asked GP to refer you for an MRI with the NHS ? As far as I know its only a consultant that can do so meaning he was right to say that he couldn't make the referral. If it was fro a private MRI then he should make it once he knows what you want it for.


  • Thanks dee yeah he said he wud get in touch with the consultant that I seen privately

  • Thanks Dan

  • Yes, it is usually the case that GPs don't refer for MRIs. The neurologist may also not have wanted to order an MRI of your back if it didn't have anything to do with neurology. If your GP still thinks you need a back MRI, then maybe they can refer you to a specialist who can order it.

  • Thanks earthwitch ☺

  • The neurologist wouldn't know whether the problem with spine had a neurological connection without Alan MRI so there is no reason why s/he could not make the referral. Unless it's a matter of whose budget the cost comes from?

  • Should have read an MRI. 'Alan' has nothing to do with it! 😀

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