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Goodmorning everyone I have not been on for quite awhile. I was worried about sounding like a whimp. Then realized for me to get help I need to give encouragement and kindness etc ... On September 23 I was at work (EA) when I was walking around a corner when a parent was coming quickly she ran in to me and sent me flying I hit my head on a bench and then the cement floor. I had a concussion and whiplash. Then I had injections into my lower spine but when the doc went to go into the same spot he has always gone in he could not get the needle in ( because of the Ostio arthritis) so he had to go a level up this was the first time I was in tears because of pain. Then on October 12 I had a bunionectomy so I have been in a cast boot since then. Because of awkwardness in walking my back has been killing me. Ok now I am going to stop writing because it is starting to sound like a sob story. I hope everyone is doing well and are having a relatively pain free day.

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  • hugs, we all need some encouragement. A smile, a hello how are you. I am here, could make laugh, my walking is like line dancing, legs and feet have a mind of their own with regards to walking.

    Liz x

    Liz x

  • All the above sounds so painful, but I am most concerned about the concussion and whiplash, most often undertreated. Good luck getting the help you need.

  • Hi Grizzly. There is nothing wrong with posting a sob story or a good old whinge or a rant. The people who use this group know that living in constant pain wears one down and that having someone or somewhere that you can have a good moan and be understood is a healthy safety valve.

    So many constant pain sufferers have nobody that they can talk with. Friends and family so rarely understand because fortunately they have never had unremitting pain. They cannot understand that our lives are often regulated by our success at managing our pain.

    So Grizzly please don't feel bad at sharing your bad times here. It is far better than adding yet another burden for yourself to struggle with.

    Regards Rib

  • Thankyou Rib and everything you have said here is absolutely true. And you are right having a safe place to go and let someone know how you are feeling that day is the best medicine we can get some times.

  • I am glad you are happy with my reply. Some folk take my posts as being far to harsh and unhelpful.

    Obviously when people have posted a Profile it is usually easier to target a more helpful reply. Unfortunately writing Profiles seems to have gone out of fashion.

    I am only just getting over a bad patch and have not been posting for a good spell. If I manage to quell my demons and I am still posting regularly you are welcome to send a PM to me if you find it easier than posting to the open Group.

    Kind regards, Rib

  • There's nothing wrong with a sob story. When you start to sound like a Country & Western song, that's when we worry...."My girl done left me and my dog upped and died....my car ain't starting...." (you get the picture) Seriously though...when you had the accident, was a full report made? Are you a union member? Have you sought legal advice? I only ask because yes, it does really sound like you're suffering badly. Best wishes, Wendy x

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