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Gastroenterology and Neurogastroenterology tests

Does anyone know any Gastroenterology or Neurogastroenterology tests that can find out the root of sickness and pain? Other than: Barium meal, MRI/MRE scan, altresound scan, blood test, biopsy and uper endoscopy. I need to know of any other tests to find out the rout of my sickness and pain. Plz help, in desperate!!!

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I saw your other post, it sounds like you might have gastoparesis which is commonly associated with EDS. Has this been suggested? I had a gastric emptying test which is quite common. I also had an electrogastrogram which was positive and they can do a test where they use an ultrasound scan to see your muscle works. I went after fasting and then drank soup while they looked at my stomach muscles. I then puked tomato soup all over the floor!

I'm happy to talk more via private message if you want. My GP told me I had anxiety! I did....but because I kept vomitng all over myself; at work, while I was driving, at restaurants, at uni....horrible. :( I have so much sympathy with you.

Have you heard of Professor Aziz?


do you cook using aluminium or non stick cookware of any kind or foil or george foremen grills , aluminium lined oven , electric coffee makers

because aluminium poisoning can cause intense pain and nausea and sickness

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The only other test you have not had is the camera that you swallow it is super tiny of course and it travels around all your intestines, your large and small bowel and then is expelled thru the bowel. An excellent test which shows everything.

Hope this helps



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