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Omg, my back is in spasms!!!

Good morning everyone, you can tell autumn/winter is on its way. My back is in spasms at the moment , I've tried the hot shower and the pill popping but to no avail. I'm really having problems just walking as my back is really bad. The pain is unbearable but I'll just have to cope with it. It's a lot different from 2wks ago when I was doing the weeding in my garden but never mind I'll cope.

I'll try and get out in the garden later once the Gabapentins have started working. I'll make the use of the lovely weather we have got left. I'll take some more pictures before the flowers die off.

Does everyone else suffer with the change in the weather?? ☺

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Have you tried an ice pack? Pack of frozen peas wrapped in teatowel for ten mins should give relief.


Certain types of weather give me grief. It is part of the course of dealing on a day to day basis with my health disability.

I have a suspicion that there are spinal reflexes involved that alter our muscle responses. Does the weather alter the skin which in turn alter skin muscle which in turn feed back into the spine. The brain then has to adapt to the change and it does not do this too well.

There is a muscle brain spine interaction which needs to be investigated.

Unfortunately, all we receive from the medical profession is here is the pain killer to take.


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