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I had my 2nd shoulder surgery on August 10th, 2016. After this surgery I have had severe pain . I never had this issue before but now My skin is so sensitive it can't stand to have anything touch it. I can't wear anything with a sleeve if I do, I have to roll it up an tuck it up under my bra strap. Has anyone heard of this happening before? I know we can lose sensation to area's an i've had that happen before but not over sensitive! It is very painful an the muscles have spasm all the time.

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  • It sounds like CRPS ( Chronic regional pain syndrome) I now suffer with it after my second ankle surgery :-( other symptoms are heat, colour change to the area and not being able to have even fabric against the skin. Hope this helps you to get diagnosed and treated xxx

  • Beth170, I will check into that thank you for getting back with me. Sorry it took so long.. Been a rough last few days an still is. lol

  • No problem, just hope that you can get the right diagnosis so that they can help you xxx

  • Beth I hope so too.


  • I've suffered from hyper sensitive skin for a few years now. It's not there all the time but when it flares it's agonising. Even the most featherlight touch can make me hit the roof. I've no idea what sets it off but it's so painful. I sympathise with you so much. It makes the fibro trigger points so much more painful too. I hope you get some relief

  • Hi Sweetfa22, Mine is there all the time. When my therapist is doing my PT if he touches my shoulder area on the upper arm i jerk away quickly. Now I do have a spot on my right hand middle finger on the knuckle, but not all the time.

  • Yes I get this to, but I break out in a blister rash when ever I go out even when it cold and wet, the doctors throught it was to do with the sun to start with something to do with uv senativativy. But I don't think it is cuz I get it when I am inside as well and I haven't be outside. I can't wear long sleeves at all,

  • Hey Freelie_Wheelie_1983, I'm glad I don't get blisters with mine. I think this winter is going to be extra hard with this issue, having to wear coats an sweaters.. I may have to try an invent something to make it not so bad.. :)

  • I use a shalle Hun so my arm aren't In anything, but I still have something over me, it still uncomfortable but it is but than a jumper

  • I think I had something similar, but milder. A kitten walked across my legs and I couldn't believe how much it hurt. I should have just felt the touch not pain. I've also had a few spasms and leg cramps. Now, I have constant itching on my back, which drives me nuts. I did have steroid shots in the spine, but don't see how that could cause all this.

  • Have you had a diagnosis

  • Hi Share-a, Interesting you mention itching on your back I have that to it drives me nuts. I literally eat benadryl to stop the itching, i take like 6-8 a day everyday. Just for the itching, it gets so red I was beginning to think it was from my SCS. I got my spokeswoman from Boston Scientific next month on updating mine, i'm going to bring up the itching too. I don't think the steroid shots would cause the itching either.

  • HI YOU HAVE MY DEAPEST SYMPATHY OH the pain we indure only we know how terrable, I have had this for years and i hate going to my doctor,

    I was standing talking to someone one day and their dog ran past my legs just brushing past my skin and I just screamed with the terrable pain I was near colapsing with the pain

    Another time I was in hospital getting pain injection into my knee, oh my God I CAN still feel that pain I couldn't answer the dr explain anything all I could do was do what i do when my pain is intense is go over a prayer dont know why it is (oH sacrate heart of jeasue pray for me )

    and crying like a baby yes it is excruciating pain to go trough anything like this.

    Every evening and just can be anytime during the day especially if i have been over doing it the bottom legs which swell up like tree trunks and the feet too is so sore to have my clothes touch them I just have to get my clothes off and rub the movelat cream which my doctor gave me it an anti inflamitry cream and its so lovely and cool on my burning hot legs oh of course the dr just says loose weight does he not know i would if i could i dont think he wood be talking like that if he had my pain.

    Now i'm on twelve tablets at night and while they never take the pain away i'm so afraid to go off any of them as they just num the pains I still cant sit , stand, or lye, for any length of time

    even holding the phone my hand is numb in no time, I also have found out cant stand the sun or loud noises especially the clapping noise so i stay away form that type of program.

    I dont feel my doctors really dont understand my pain I know i have terrable artritis but haveing the fibremelogy also just is a battle every day but i put a smile on my face and greet the people but if i'm in a big shop i just shuffle around and dread going to the till all that standing i'm done in

    Yes my daughter says shop on line but when its only for one and maybe i have only to get a few things that i dont have to get on a regular bases then its to tesco or some place like that i have to go

    Ye even the children while they where growing up didn't understand even neighbours and friends couldn't understant that pain couldn't be that bad just because i soildered on to keep my house right and worked also they used to say to me if you can do all that there must not be much wrong with you so people I can simpyathis wilth you all yes we are getting it so tuff

    But now mine are all married off and i'm on my own and people say now I will be able to get out and about , but no I just want to have less pain by pottering around the house in my own time that is just great if i need to lye down i do it I dont have to be dancing to anyone elses tune. Thats as good as it gets and a lot of the time I always think there is someone else worse off than me . Like that parents with a sick child, or haveing to sit by their side watching the wee child dies ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that is pain and I thank God I'M AS GOOD AS I AM

  • CRPS? x

  • HI Dispared, I feel for you an all you go through. I'm glad when your hurting you pray, I do the same, I don't think I would make it through each day if it wasn't for me Praying to God off an all day long.

    I am so glad you mentioned about your legs cause I have the same issues it wakes me up every night. My legs an feet so swollen from water retention is crazy. I've gained 30lbs in the last 2 months due to water retention. I finally found some support stocking to my knee that fits an is keeping the retention down somewhat. But when my legs gets to hot I have to take them off too. Rather there on or not my legs get so hot. I'm going to ask my Dr about that cream you mentioned. Can't hurt to try :).

    Oh about the weight loss do they really think that we want to be over weight. I've tried so many things an lost weight but it finds its way back plus some. I used to be 120lbs but after 2 bouts with cancer I think my body gave up. My Dr says my metabolism is very slow.

    I hate shopping too oh lord we so much alike :) lol. I am so glad they have those scooters for the customers to use otherwise I couldn't do any shopping. At my local walmart they are really nice when I'm doing a lot of shopping they have a helper push a big buggy to get my groceries with me. Krogers the customers are nice they seem to come to my rescue everytime when its something to high up or to heavy an i'm struggling. I'm 5'4 an 63 yrs old.

    Dr.'s don't really care for the most part. I did have a neurologist that really did care but he changed clinics an then he left that one an I can't find where he is now. My original orthopedist he didn't care, he didn't want to listen so i've changed to a new one who actually does listen.

    My kids are grown I have 2 daughters, 11 grandkids an 1 great granddaughter. I'm a compulsive cleaner when it comes to my home. One of my grandkids great granny lives across from me. We check on each other daily if we don't see one another out walking our dogs. My girls are 35 an 39 both work. My oldest she has some issues with her back, my youngest had early signs of cervical cancer they fixed that an endrometriosis they had to do hysterectomy.

    But they don't seem to understand or care when it comes to my problems. They always need something seems to be the only time they call anymore. I hate answering my phone cause I know they need something from me. Is this bad of me? My neighbor her kids care now I told her I wish mine was more like hers. I have gotten where I turn my ringer off during the night so they won't wake me up in the wee hours of the night. My youngest when she gets drunk she wants to talk no matter what time. I don't really have a support system, I didn't have a niece who use to be my emergency contact an I would spend the weekends at her house an when i had surgery I would be at her house. But since her an hubby separated seems she has forgotten about me. She doesn't have time no more for me not even on the phone.

    Here lately so it seems every other day I'm past out in my recliner sleeping from pure exhaustion. I don't get any good sleep anymore, only time i do is when I'm sleeping in my recliner. So lately I'm sleeping in it during the night too so I can get some restful sleep. Seems to be helping. :)

    Thank you for sharing an talking with me.. Do you live in UK or USA?


  • Hi Sassyzee

    Yes do seem to have a lot in common dear i am 66yrs where does time go , well you have a lot more grandkids than me I only have 2 to my son and his wife in usa also my daughter she has 1 son she lives in America too,

    But i have another daughter and son at home here in Ireland who is the eldest and he has one daughter and my daughter who lives here in Ireland is the youngest

    I still drive, do you drive? I want to hold onto my independence for as long as i can and i would rather die than have to be cared for by my children

    my children seem to be so so impatient, I am dylexia but none of them understand but my son in America would be more patient maybe i felt i could adentify more with him as he did do well at school, but boy he can do the lovest carpentry , From a very young age i would have needed his help to put shelves up or cupbards from he was about 11yrs he was a bit of a mechanic too he was always busy and he was so loveable so was the rest of them you know when i think about it they all had there good quality's

    I was sorry to hear that you had to fight cancer too ....my sister died in 04 with cancer and my oder brother died of silent heart attact same year

    you dont speak about a partner, my husband left me when i had my youngest in 82 and my father died too

    I think i'm so so lucky to be out the other side and through this and that always robbin peter to paul all my life and its the first time i have been on my own it was funny at the start, I never crave company maybe i'm becoming a recluse

    But i know what you are talking when i hear from the kids they are either looking a shoulder to cry on for i'm not fit for much else well for some yrs i picked my grandaughter from school and she would be picked up whatever time suited he mammy or daddy, now she is at the secentary school it wont he long until i see a lot less of her thats life,

    How long did you have the cancer for do you have any family?

    chat later take care and God Bless


  • HI Roisin, Oh yes I still drive, I'm like you on that one I want my independence as long as I can. I think if it came down to it I would stay in assisted living facility instead of my kids. There patients can be short at times plus they have there own families an responsibilities don't need to worry about me.

    I have dylexia to, but only with numbers, got diagnosed in 2000 when my Shrink had me take a IQ test too. Scored 150 back then english was my weak point in the test. Doubt My IQ would be that high now a day lol.

    My oldest she has 7 kids the last 2 were twins by accident, she was on birth control but she had to go on antibiotics the Dr didn't tell her it would stop the BC an boom she got pregnant. Her two oldest are in college. She is 39 yrs old, she is a Phlebotomy and a Physician Assistant. My Youngest has 4 kids an she is 35, she is a professions Dog groomer, makes good money. They both make nice money just don't know how to manage it.

    I use to work 2 1/2 jobs when they were little to make ends meet. I wanted to live in a nice area, all while I tried to make sure they could have all the nice things in life too. I spoiled them rotten.

    There father died 1989, he was poisoned, he was addicted to crack an someone intentionally gave him some poisoned crack. My oldest was the one who found him dead. Me an him were together for 8 yrs., we parted our way in 1984.

    I met my soul mate in 1984 an married him in 1985. Was a whirl win romance we dated for 6 months before marrying. He was my one an only till he got violent. In 1988 he was hit by a car an landed on his head which brought on schizophrenia. From there on our lives started to crumble, he would hear voices that was telling him to do things. It finally got violent an the safety of my kids were more important that the love I had for him. Were still best friends I see him weekly he helps me out financially. If wasn't for him I don't think I could manage.

    I love living alone too! My youngest an her kids use to come over every other weekend an stay with me an I loved it. But then she got a new boyfriend an things changed, now her an her sis just call when they need something.

    Like you I'm so glad I made it this far, an I'm a fighter I won't give up easy no matter what happens to me physically.

    My first bout of cancer was in 1975 6 months after my first baby was born. Went in for IUD an week later they called me telling me I had stage 4 Cervical Cancer. Got rid of that thankfully. In 1984 was diagnosed with tumors on my ovaries an Endometriosis. Went to h ave surgery to clean out the tumors an Endometriosis an they found abnormal cells again stage 2, so they did a hysterectomy. Then in 1992 I was Diagnosed with Stomach an throat Cancer Stage 2, well I really didn't know I had it. I went in for a hernia repair in my diaphragm. I woke up to me having an incision from my chest to my belly button, an a tube down throat. The Dr.s came in an told me I had cancer an they removed 2/3 of my stomach an bottom part of my esophagus. I told them they shouldn't have done that without my knowledge. I still think they were wrong an should have had other options. Next bout was in 2004 went in to have a breast reduction, an the Dr. never said anything about finding anything. But a yr later I found out he had found a Stage 2 lump. So every time it was by chance they found the cancer. So when I say God has blessed me this is what I mean.

    When I was born I had stomach issues an got really small cause I was unable to eat everything came right back up cause the Sphincter to the stomach wouldn't open up. Finally a Dr from the little town I was born in said he found something he thought would save my life. Cause the big town Dr.'s wanted to do surgery but with high risk of me dying. Glad to say the little country Dr. saved my life.

    I've had over 36 surgeries in my life time.

    My birth family disowned me when I was young partially due to the fact that I married a black man. But real reason was cause I told them about my brother an what he did. Another story for another day.

    My dad died from prostate cancer in 2000. My brother has pancreatic cancer, he still alive too. I haven't spoken with them or my siblings since 1998.

  • I had surgery a total knee replacement and I have the same problem, my whole leg is so sensitive and has pins and needles in it all the time also feels excessively hot inside but cool to the touch. I put it down to the nickle which I am highly allergic to. Is their nickle in your shoulder and if so are you allergic to it.

    I have been trying to get surgeons to take it out but that is like banging my head against a brick wall, even though they knew before surgery I was allergic to nickle and since the op I have patch test for other metals and they have found cobalt is another one and that is in it.

    I also itch all over my body and head. Try to find out if you have metal in it and if you are allergic to it. It could be that they have damaged a nerve.

  • HI Eve74, The pins an needles you talk about sounds like Peripheral Neuropathy, that is one of the symptoms, it can make your skin sensitive too. I have Peripheral Neuropathy in my legs an feet an I have a SCS implant that takes care of that pain, it is the best thing ever. I was in a wheelchair prior to the implant cause I couldn't stand the pain in my feet when I stood on them.

    It sucks that your Dr.s won't listen to you about the allergy to the nickle. I use to itch on my head constantly too but i changed shampoos an conditoners an that seem to stop it.

    Now I do itch constantly on my back an I eat benadryl 6-8 a day everyday for that. I think is related to the SCS implant but I will take it as long as it controls my pain for my neuropathy.

    I think these surgeons need to take classes on empathy with there patients.

  • Hi. After a bike accident I had extreme tissue trauma for months which has left me with intermittent burning sensations around my upper thigh and knee.Thses sensations felt numb at the same time if that makes sense. It has improved over time but I get fairs when I have overdone it. It's mostly at night and then I can't bear a thing to touch it.

    I was told it was nerve damage. Could that have happened during your surgery. What does your GP or surgeon say ?


  • HI Deejames, I do think it is nerve damage, I believe he cut a nerve by accident. he made several small incisions that he didn't use in the surgery like hesitation cuts that didn't go all the way through.

    The other day at Physical Therapy an while i was doing one of my exercises the muscles in that arm by the surgery was twitching so bad you could see my arm jumping.

    All this cause of a damn car wreck that wasn't my fault. Guess they will be paying for the Dr.s mess up too lol ... Why can't people learn how to drive properly an not turn in front of people or run red lights or stop signs guess that would be asking to much...

    I appreciate you sharing with me so much. hugs

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