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call to 111

been in pain all day-left side below ribs and stomach area and painful to eat.no diarrheoa or constipation but slightly loose stools and some bright red blood on toilet tissue.has hurt me to eat anything to day.called 111 -said could i go to local primary care-said had no way of getting there,they put me thru to a nurse who asked questions and am now waiting for a dr to call me back.also mentioned my head pain and swelling.just seen a bus go by and thought i could have got the bus into town,thinking i can get the last bus into town .

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so the on call gp came out-he "listened"to my symptoms and felt my "lumpy"rib and abdomen.Not met such a friendly dr who "listened" and took me seriously.Had a good chat re symptoms and how they affected me,he recognised and accepted not like gp-suggested take another omeprazole at night to see if that helps with acid reflux-related cough.explained how everything i had told gp was wrong were not addressed or even acknowledged.he also examined my head and agreed it was swollen.

finally someone accepted/believed me when i said recent weight gain of 3 and 2 kgs in september and june were abdominal and not diet related or that my symptoms were not IBS as gp's assumed ,he suggested Acromegaly and possibly a repeat test for it.i mentioned Pagets cos of joint deformity,twisted joints,bone deformity in head and face,

he said he will send an electronic report to my gp with his findings-hopefully now they will get their act together and take me seriously,

well after he left i couldnt sleep-rib lump and pain,headpain -got up at 2am sat up til 3am.got to sleep but woke to-at 7am by Annie-headpain,facial swelling and obvious changes to shape and bone deformity,pelvic pain and heaviness.fatigue and nausea-pressure in abdomen.

had some breakfast which i dont normally do-feeling so bad really dont want to walk Annie.


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