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Pain in the right lower abdomen

Hello, I've been having this pain in my right pelvic and it goes to my side, to the back, and in the appendix area. I've gone for scan, HVS, stool, urine tests. The doctor said i have PID. I took antibiotics and it the pain reduced but comes back again after a week. I went to see a gyno,he said it's infection. He gave me antibiotics which reduced the pain and it's back again. What is the problem please. My kidneys lives lungs are ok. It is not appendicitis. For 9months now.

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Sounds like you need to see the gynae again and ask them about a better long term strategy for dealing with this than just keeping on taking antibiotics.


Thanks. The antibiotics I'm taking now isn't working again. Im just fed up



PID is difficult to diagnose and treat. In many cases it can be linked to an STD like gonorrhoeae and C. trachomatis and should be tested for those. Also much of the literature on it recommend hospitalization for further testing and treatment if you aren't improved after 72 hours on treatment. In your case I think the Dr should hospitalize you to get to the bottom of this instead of just trying many different antibiotics. Just my opinion, hope it helps.


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