All at once

Awesome, my body seems bent on giving me a bad night. Quadruple whammy of inguinal neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, arthritis and gout. Oh joy, time to break out the Oramorph! This sucks as soon as I try and do anything normal like go to Tesco my body fights back and kicks my butt.

I do hope that others are having a better night and that their pain is under control or as much as possible.

D 🤕

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  • Hi Duncan it's now 5 hours since you left this post so I do hope that your feeling much better. Or at least a bit better than when you first left it. Love grace xoxoxo

  • If it's any consolation I had a bad night last night the spinal Stenosis and sciatica decided to really play me up fitfull 20mins sleep wake still there and so on. Really glad I wasn't going out today. Wet Rag 🤕

  • Sorry to hear that you had a bad night as well. I know the heat makes things even worse, I am sitting in my house sweating like a human fountain! Can't cool down. Trying every trick that I know, cold wet cloths round my neck cold water on my hands and feet etc. There is no way I can use my heat pad for pain in this weather.

    Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  • Im struggling again I have 4 fans on still hot.

    No heat mat for me either my life saver 🤕

    Jen xx

  • In the words from the Wizard of Oz "I'M MELTING" !!!!!!!

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