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Is my irregular bleeding a concern?

Hi all, i just need help to figure out if i should take this seriously or to just not worry about it.

i have my period for 5months straight now but it isnt normal, the colour of it was either a deep red or a bright red and also had clots in it. before this i had a regular period and always on time.

in that 5 months i was having sex with my partner atleast 5 times a week and out of that 5 times about 3 times we had sex i would have abnomanial pain and a shooting pain up towards my right side. i stopped having sex with my partner for a week and thenmy bleeding stops! but alongside the stopping i was getting really bad cramps and feeling naucious. after a week of it fulling stopping i had sex with my partner and we had to stop due to me in pain and in tears, the pain was so severe in my lower abdomin i felt sick and i had clean pure red blood the next day and after that and till now wich is the fourth day after having sex.

iv also felt alot of pressure down in my uterus area and i look bloated but just from my belly button down. when i went for a poo i had alot of pressure but it would hurt to slighty push so i pushed on my 'gooch' and the poo came out normally and painlessly.

please help!

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YES! It most definitely is a concern.

Please do go and see your GP very soon. They may want to do a referral to a gynaecologist. This is not normal, and even if there isn't anything else going on, the bleeding will be causing you to become seriously anaemic and run down. The pain is another matter and should definitely be a red flag to see the doctor. Your pooing problem could be tied up with this, as something could be pushing on your rectum or bowel causing partial prolapse. There are all sorts of possibilities from fairly minor to very serious, but one sure thing is that the longer you leave it the worse it will get.

Please don't leave it any longer. Tell your GP everything - the pain, the bleeding, the bloating and the pooing difficulty. The more they know the quicker you will get answers.

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well it turns out im already anemic, my hb levels went down to 67 and i had to get 2 transfusions. every doctor iv been to they do nothing about it just prescribe me antibiotics wich my body is immune to as iv been taking antibiotics since i was 3 years old (im now 19) due to consistent bladder problems that dont dissapear.


I agree with earthwitch, a visit to the doctor your immediate priority.


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Hi curio not my area or experience but I think you should see GP ASAP. This does not sound normal keep asking for help until you get some reasonable answers. Good luck. Hope things settle down for you.

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Cant really understand coming on here with a problem like this! Is there some reason why you wont see your doc?


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