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Right arm injury

Hi everyone,

6 months ago I fell over at work, my elbow took the fall... I collected a stack of pallets before hitting the ground. I have had pins and needles in ring finger and little pinky and a lot of discomfort pain .i have had every test from x ray, CT scan, MRi even a nerve conduction test which I never felt but everything came back normal.... Apart from a slight tear the MRI picked up....been to physiotherapy as well. With exercising and massage have now got a thin lump (like when your veins get hot) running across my elbow... But no one wants to do anymore test as they all come back normal...... Please help I don't know what else to do... I just want to get better....i am currently on Lyrica

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Hi sounds painful. The tingling in fingers could be refered pain from elbow. Have you tried hot and cold packs on your elbow to ease pain and swelling? Would resting it help? Do you think that the long lump may be a vain or ligament and is it soft or hard to touch? Sorry about all the questions but it's hard when we can't see it. X

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Its soft lump ....yes I do cold and hot packs....I can not make a fist or put any weight on my arm or lift anything heavy...a lot of pain and discomcort......im just so lost ..i know my right arm is not the same as 6 months prior .i feel there is something wrong in my arm but every test shows normal...


I think it's time to go back to GP and show him the lump. Tell him your struggling with pain and that you need to see a specialist to examine the lump to find out whats going on. The lump is there for a reason and is a sign that somethings not right. Change your docter if necessary but make it clear that your not coping with the pain and you've done everything that has been asked of you. Have you asked the physio what she thinks it could be? You could also try a sports therapist who also know a great deal about that sort of injury. What ever you do don't give up. X


Tank you, I don't want to give up. I just want to be fixed up no more pain or discomfort with pins and needles. I spoke to my physiotherapy about it. He said it should settle which was three months ago when I started with him doing his exercises.....i have an appointment with both Dr and physio on the 23 of this month.... Hoping to get some answers or look further into my problems....they have also said. It could be this new thing CRPS

Complex regional pain syndrome..


I have now been told I have ulna neurosis with severe regional pain syndrome. They have recommended I have a second nerve conduction test and a different pain surgeon. They also suggest if test comes back positive, that I may benefit from a release of the ulna nerve in the cubital tunnel. I'm very worried.


I have now had my second nerve test it can back normal too, now they say it's all in my brain, and we should just go from there , telling be positive you will heal.....I'm lost don't know what to do, as my symptoms have not changed, still have pain can not feel my ring finger or little pinky I wake up and some days I can't even move my arm up to an hour as it feels like it gone to sleep , I don't understand how they can say it's my brain doing all this, I have burnt my wrist twice and didn't feel it on the same arm and the Dr and physiotherapist can't explain it...


Hi Everyone,

Just giving you a update , I have just had ulnar nerve ultrasound results I have ulnar neuropathy what that means I am not sure . Waiting to hear back from my GP and neurologist


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