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Hi all. I've suffered SIJ pain and lower back pain for over 4 years since last pregnancy. I'm taking morphine daily along with diclofenac paracetamol and antidepressants.

IVery been getting more and more flare ups recently where I literally can't move for the pain. We've 5 kids and the youngest 3 are under 8 so I'm always on the go with school runs etc. However each flare up has left me in hospital for over ten days. I'm considering asking for my SIJ to be fused and just go for the wheelchair option to save the pain. Surely it's a better option than being in chronic pain all the time. I'd be able to do more with kids albeit from.a wheelchair. Has anyone had fusion done or have any experience of this at all? All help great fully received. Thank you x

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Sweetfa22 I have been advised against it as it can cause more problems apparently. The wire plates wear lose apparently loosen very quickly and then more surgery is needed and this cycle repeats .. That is what I am told

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Sweetfa22 in reply to Satsuma

They can send rockets into space, grow ears on arms and transplant pig hearts into humans. Why can't they make a pelvis that won't hurt!!!.

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I have no idea .. It is only what I have been told. Plus they said I would be in and out of hospital having repeated operations if I had it done.

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There is a new procedure for SI joint fusion which I am due to have soon. It is minimally invasive and used titanium rods to stabilise the joint. Sweetfa22 I have answered you already on the Fibro site I think you said you were in Scotland. I am too and my surgery will be done in Glasgow. Message me if you want to know more


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Yes they would use titanium on me too .. Hope all goes well for you. I wish you the very best

This might seem weird but my SI pain has been a lot better/less since I've been on methadone and baclofen. I've tried just about every combo of meds but this one seems to work best.

Have you been checked out by a rheumatologist? I'm just asking, because sacroiliitis (SIJ pain) is a key factor in spondyloarthritis, which is an autoimmune inflammatory arthritis. Many autoimmune disorders can be strongly triggered by hormones, eg pregnancy or giving birth. If it is actually an inflammatory condition, then fusion won't help at all, but there is a range of treatment for it that could get it under good control. If you are even considering fusion, then definitely make sure that inflammatory conditions are completely ruled out first or it will just complicate things. SIJ fusion, if appropriate, wouldn't necessarily have you in a wheelchair though - the SIJ joint really doesn't move a lot and shouldn't stop you walking even when fused - I know a lot of folk with ankylosing spondylitis end up with a fused SIJ (from inflammatory disease) and it doesn't put them in wheelchairs.

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Thanks earthwitch. No I don't think I've been checked for that. I was admitted to hospital yesterday as had another flare up so will try and remember to ask the doc when I see them later. I appreciate your feedback x

Spine problems can be linked to vitamin B12 Deficiency. many do not think to link them.

(not saying yours is though, Sweetfa22)

Also for lower back pain it might be down to low or deficient vitamin D. for safe up to date doses.

Vitamin D in an anti inflamatory.

I never knew vitamins could be so powerful. (though not talking about multivitamins from high street shops.)

It is the Si bone procedure

This is the company that I originally contacted for British doctors who did the surgery. They sent me a list.

Hope this helps


Did you select Find a Doctor ? That's how I go in touch. Can't understand why it didn't work for you. Not sure what you mean by me forwarding your email.


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