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Cervical myelopathy fusion

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Hi I have an operation coming up at some time in the near future for cervical myelopathy, it was due to go ahead before the coronavirus outbreak but got cancelled, I’m having a cervical fusion in c5/6 I already have c3/4 fused already due to a neck defect I was born with, has anybody had the operation were it was caught early on? I’ve been told by my surgeon it’s best to operate when it’s been diagnosed early to stop the progression of the disease and they have found it quite early which is a plus but I’m still very unsure what to do because im obviously scared that I could be paralysed during the op and there are countless things that could go wrong, has anyone had the op we’re they are now having a good quality of life? I’m a 48 female and I don’t want to have years and years of pain and discomfort and op after op if at the moment my pain is bearable. I’ve already spoken to longsider (cliff) :) who has given me some great comfort and advice, but it’s good to hear other people’s perspectives on this, i would be great full for any responses to this. Thanks x

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Hi there, Cliff 😆 made me chuckle . Sometimes I feel like I have fell off a Cliff 😆

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Me too Clive! xx

Yes I had C5/6 fused without any complications, and it really did help. I do have cervical pain, but that's due to C3/4. There's no stenosis there so surgery isn't merited. Good luck with your op!

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Hi there can I ask do you have to have any more ops and how has your recovery been? Also you say it’s helped, in what way? Thanks

Hi I had a c5/C6, c6/C7 fusion done last week. I had degenerative discs and severe stenosis beforehand, and I was waiting nearly 18 months for the op. I had a lot of neuropathic pain in my neck shoulder and arm, and general weakness in my left arm and leg. The pain was enough to really impact my quality of life, and at 41 I felt at points that it would be that way forever, it was very depressing not being able to walk far.

Although it's painful now due to the post operative swelling, and my neck aches a lot, the neuropathic pain has already massively improved. My strength in my left arm and leg also seems much more balanced to the right. I went for a short walk yesterday with my family and managed to walk further than I could last week without too much discomfort, although it did tire me out as I think any op will make you feel tired for a few weeks after.

You have to choose very carefully when you have any surgery. Yes there are risks of paralysis with the op, but the surgeon explained these in great detail and explained how rare they are. You have to also consider that besides the possibility of years of pain, nerve damage and compression left untreated when you need it, can also lead to permanent damage including paralysis.

Although this week is proving hard for me, I don't think that it has been as hard as I had expected, and certainly the symptoms that I was referred to have the op for have improved. The op took two hours, and I was in hospital for one night.

Any questions please ask

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Hi thanks for your reply, it’ really does put my mind at rest when I listen to others who have gone through similar ops. I have cervical myelopathy and I’m having c5/6 fused, I already have 123 and 4 fused due to a condition I was born with called turners syndrome, my neurosurgeon has said to me I won’t be able to move my head whatsoever after the op which is a bit nerve wrecking as I only have slight head movements now, It’s worrying how that is going to affect my life/driving etc but he said I should still be able to drive. Obviously my condition is worsening, I suffer sleep deprivation as I wake up several times a night with numb hands, my legs work most of the time then the other night my right leg just wouldn’t work like I had no muscle in it and I had to drag it across the floor, this only lasted for about 10 minutes but it’s quite frightening when things like this happen as I know it’s degenerative. My neurosurgeon is having another specialist an ENT surgeon assisting him during my operation As he’s never done the operation on anyone with my condition before so that’s why I’m a high risk which obviously Is worrying.. I know they always give you the worse case scenario of what could go wrong and being a very positive person I try not to let it worry me but it’s always there. I think if my op hadn’t been cancelled due to Covid 19 I would have had it done by now as I was due to get it done days before the outbreak, but I just think the more time I’ve had to think about it the more I keep trying to put it off. I’ve been speaking to Longsider(Clive) for a while now and he’s been giving me lots of information so he’s been an amazing help. Just wanted to thank you again and I do hope your feeling better soon. Thanks

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Neckback in reply to Dozydora71

Hi Dora

I’ve had C5/6 and C6/7 anterior discectomy and cage plate fusion for severe brachalgia and myelopathy.

Although the surgery is quite daunting, it’s initial effects were extremely rewarding and even more so for helping to alleviate the sleep deprivation.

I was 47 at the time of surgery and was quite physically fit.

I was up and walking around as the Anaesthetic was still wearing off after surgery and did so until the early hours of the morning, I fell asleep for an hour before getting ready for discharge.

I was walking about 5 miles a day after a few days and driving within a week, my neck movements improved throughout a couple of months of physio.

I felt like doing a lot more than I was, but was told not to rush rehabilitation as the first 12 months of fusion was imperative to my recovery.

I was 6 months in to rehabilitation, when I was involved in a very nasty car accident(passenger) but remembering back to where I was before the car accident, it was well worth the risk.

I hope this helps and let me know if you need anymore advice or support...

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Dozydora71 in reply to Neckback

Hi thanks for your reply, did you get it done at the Walton centre? I already have a medical condition which affects the movement of my neck I was born with 123 fused already, obviously I’m scared as I’m getting 456 fused as well just wondering if this will affect me further, do you have any movement in your neck at all since you got the cage fitted as I’m also getting one, as my doc said I won’t be able to move my head whatsoever as I have very little movement now because of my other condition. Thanks

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Neckback in reply to Dozydora71

Hi - I had fantastic movement in my neck after surgery and then physio, it took a few months to get full movement.

I had mine done at Leeds Nuffield.

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Dozydora71 in reply to Neckback

That’s good to be hear, some of the stories are quite daunting but it’s good to know what’s going to happen thanks

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