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My Pain Problem

Fell down a flight of stairs at age 46. At that time the PAIN problem cause was, following an x-ray, a slipped disc and a trapped nerve. I was told nothing could be done.

Now 41 years later the pain is constant and normal medication offers no relief.

I can no longer walk without some support and only then for a short distance for longer journeys I have the use of a chair pushed by my husband .

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I'm sorry this has caused permanent damage to you. I have very similar problems in my lumber spine Spinal stenosis compressed disc pressing on sciatic nerve amongst other things. Like you I use walking AIDS plus a mobility scooter walking standing everyday tasks are a pain!

Yes it does get to a stage where paracetamol & mild painkillers do not touch that kind of pain.

Have you visited your doctor for some kind of relief from your chronic pain? Also, possibly seeing pain management.

I have had Epidural lumbar steroid injections this has worked to some degree. Most pain medications I'm allergic too but have found help with the Butrans patch & CoCodamol for breakthrough pain as suggested by pain management.

Take care

Jen xx

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It's not fun having an accident, I fell on a unsigned wet floor in my work place, I now have slipped discs, nerve damage , I receive steriods treatment for the sciatica & been told hips pain in will need a new hip , but iam only 44, I use a tens machine everyday & hest pads on my back; the pills only make u drowsy they don't really work...

Hope u find relief soon.

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