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Oramorph and sleeplessness

Hi all,

I just started taking Oramorph yesterday for breakthrough pain and hardly slept a wink last night, has anyone had a similar experience? I have Lupus and RA but am taking the Oramorph for back and hip pain - I had a spinal fusion at L4/5 three years ago and pain is in same area. As for my hip, I am now at an age that wear and tear are setting in so not much I can do about that :-(


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Hi, I've never taken Oramorph but I'm not surprised at your lack of sleep drugs have strange effects on different people. I was given Amytriptyline instead of knocking me out I was wide awake all night.

I'm sure there are people on here that take Oramorph & will guide you with their experiences.

Good luck x Jen


Hi Jen, I take Oramorph but only as a back up if I am desperate for pain relief, as I already have a cocktail of drugs one of which is the transpatch (morphine). I don`t take Oramorph at bedtime but I must say if I am having a really bad night I do take a dose of Oramorph, I can`t say it has kept me awake. Take care.


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