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Work while in pain

I know that we are all dealing with some kind of terrible pain but I was wondering what everyone uses for pain control during the day at work that will not impair you ? I am an EA and am on my feet for about 5 1/2 hrs Monday to Friday. By the time I get home going up our stairs feels almost impossible. I really appreciate this site because I have not been able to find another site like this in B.C.

Thankyou for any ideas you might have.

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Hi, great that you are still in work. I know it sometimes feels impossible, but to continuing with your work can really help occupy you rather than thinking too much about the pain. I find the pain is there whether or not you think about it, so why give it the extra attention it craves?

I get through work on lidocaine patches, dihydrocodiene (120 mg), dicloflenac (100 mg) and pregabalin (200 mg) without real impairment. My job is 8-12 hours of desk job and concentration. I use lumbar supports, foot rests and Alexander Technique training to ward off the pain as much as possible. The whole office has also been fitted out with fully adjustable desks (elevates to a standing position to work) and chair.

I've tried everything to keep working. Heat patches, cold patches, TENS machine, so many types of pain killers, acupuncture, biomechanic, chiropractor, reiki, messages, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, physiotherapy, yoga, pilates, hydrotherapy, swimming, walks, the list goes on. Find anything that improves the pain by just a little bit. Enough of them and you've decreased pain a lot.

Really hope you find something that helps.


Hey, I work 4 days with pain and find that slow release dihydrocodeine is good for me. I also use paracetamol, eterocoxib and amitryptaline (low dose) in the background.

i still struggle by the time I get home through, 3pm is a killer for me. Pain and fatigue (I've got lupus) wipe me out around this time. So by the time i get home it's easy food for tea and then a rest.

In terms of self management, movement is really important. I will sometimes stand to open mail or go for walks to the after cooler if I have sat too long. Luckily I am up and down a fair amount due tomorrow to the nature of my work (and sounds like you are too). I also have a special chair and foot rest at my desk, so many an OH referral is needed to assess if anything could help?

Exercise and relaxation I have found are also vital to manage pain levels long term. I know it might sound silly to do exercise when in pain but regular weight bearing exercise has been proven to be hugely beneficial no matter what your condition or pain levels.

I hope you find something that works for you xx

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It's far easier to function slightly stoned than in a whole lot of pain so shouldn't feel bad about it. To me the idea of taking pain killers all the time has always been a problem.

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I have the same problem and I am out of work at the moment. I am on MST oramorph pregablin naproxen and it is working for the pain it is not helping me to go back to work. I am a travel agent so I'm behind a desk most of the day but I just can't concentrate. I get half way through a sentence and I can forget a simple word or totally lose my track of thought. So this I really my problem.


Hi G, good advice from everyone but I would just add that you sound low on energy as well. I found duloxetine (anti depressant) gave me back a lot of energy which in turn made coping without pain killers easier... Also if you haven't already - consider having your blood checked - I'm just learning about how important vit B12 is to our energy metabolism. 👍🏼🍀


I'd rather be in pain than taking all those pills. Even though I'm on tons of meds as well. And I work like a zombie.. I can't concentrate on anything... I'm in pain, can't move and all those shitty treatments and medications.. I had enough.. If you can afford leave work for a while go to a hot country, lie on the beach cover urself with hot sand.. Forget about anything... Hope we all get better!


Try CBD made from the hemp plant. There is no THC to make you high. It doesn't work for everyone but it really helps me. I have stage 4 prostate cancer with bone metastasis. I am usually in a lot of pain. Check Web site ( ) for information about CBD. I have found their products reliable. I hate taking all the narcotics.



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