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Breathing tight chest throat popping sound feels close

I have been ill since 1994 with no diagnoses .i got a excruciating spasm / painful pull over and under left chest upon that I got nausea short of Breath. Went to er they told me my oxygen had dropped but they had no clue why .kept overnight but sent home feeling the same way that was in 1994 . Year now is 2016 and this has progressed to a point were I can't breathe tightness in chest throat feels closed up and popping sounds in chest . I can't walk far cuz my breathing is just so bad . My oxygen saturation is at 100 in he hospital but I feel so bad in my chest and throat . I have been in a bed 6 month at a time with hardly any food cuz if I eat I can't breathe my quality of life is zero , as I can't even work last year I was diagnosed with heart failure but the doctors say I shouldn't be breathing this bad as I have no fluid in my lungs . I don't know what this is and the doctors look at you like i have 3 heads. I take anxiety meds that don't help becuz this is not in my head . It is so hard day after day to live this way. THe notch that is under my thyroid I think it's called the substernal notch is always painful and I feel there like its obstructed . I hear a slight wheeze sometimes that the doctors don't pick up when I breathe out I hear it in my trachea area . If anyone out there has anything similar to this as I feel like I'm the only one going threw this please reach out thank u all In Advance

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Hi, sounds awful and must be frightening not being able to breath. I assume you've had all the tests like endoscopy and colonostopy? MRI scans Exray etc? I can't believe they haven't found what's wrong after all this time. I really feel for you and hope you find someone on this site that can help you. Maybe try putting your info on the other community's on this site to see if anyone else has your symptoms. Good luck. X


Hey life how are you hope you find yourself well . No I never had a colonoscopy but I have had other test praying a lot whatever this is is pretty rare but I pray a lot. I also have this bark sound when I clear my throat , really odd I feel like I have a plug in my chest n throat . It's horrible couldn't even eat today feel pain in my upper abdomen and my breathing is crazy .... Thank you for responding life ....


Has anyone ever mentioned asthma? Your symptoms definitely point in that direction but I would've thought that when you got the heart failure diagnosis, the doctor would have said something?


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