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Help. Every night I wake up between 2-4am the bottoms of my feet are burning, just as if there was an iron touching them. Last night I was awake from 2.40 until 3.40 I stood in cold water to cool them down and walked around for an hour. Is there anything I can do to help myself. I have given up anything with caffeine in it. Last night I took para/codeine to help get back to sleep. Any help appreciated.

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I get this. Does it ever go up into your ankle and leg? I don't know what health problems (if any) you have. Mine goes up into my legs, and is caused by Vasculitis. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you get checked out by your doctor, just in case you have some kind of vascular problem. Good luck.


hi had this in the past and it was due to b vitamin deficiency due to drinking so i took vitamin b complex also i used to steep my feet in as hot water as i could bear and that also helped. i have a friend who has this and tried my tips but it did not work for them as it could be due to nerve damage or diabetites. i have had vassulitits but did not have the hot feet i had burst blood vessels all over my legs. like little purple dots. that was when i had hep c whic was active before i took treatment then the vassuclitis went away. i wish you well.good luck and i would visit the doctor if it does go up to the ankes as it sound like nerve damage but if its just the soles of the feet it will probably be vitamin b deficiency but im not a doctor so dont want to guess i also had it when i was on anti psychotics called olanzipine zyprexia. that was one of the side effects. so you see it could be numerous things. thats why its always best to see the doctor. however if you'v been a dinker you will try the hot water and vitamin b complex while waitiang to see the doctor. all the very best dear. hope you get this fixed as it really annoying and can keep one awake all night, love grace xxx


Hi clouting

Uggg i am so sorry, yessss i get this as well. It SUCKS! I do the same, sit with my feet in a sink of cold walter. I agree mention it to your doc. I keep a on going on my phone as well. For me it is usually a sign Inwas up around the house too mich. hard to believe bc I don't do much lol. But it is your body communicating. Also try dry brushing. It helps episode pass faster. Keeping my room cool, like 60-63 deg helps too.

Feel better!



Hi Clouting

Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? Hot burning feet are a symptom of fibro for sure. It usually always happens at night or first thing in the morning.

Ask your gp about it or look up fibromyalgia and hot feet.

Sarah xx


Sounds like a diabetes side effect. You should be checked.


Thank you for your comments. I will get checked for diabetes. Thank you

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If I dont take Vitamin B-100 then my feet burn like two red hot pokers which is unbearable but Vitamin B helps a lot,

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Dear Clouting,

I have to say, on this 'problem', I have absolutely no idea-at all! This makes me 'a fat lot of good', mind you I'm fat anyway-so I suppose that is about 'right'. I can only echo what has been said above, please do go to your Doctors/Consultants and ask for their help. Now I KNOW that this is/will sound stupid but do take a 'Current Drug List' (I always carry one AND have 'spares' all over the place). You will be amazed at just how many consultants say, things like, 'I'm so glad that you have this'/'Oh I see that you no longer take..../You are now taking...and so forth. Maybe a drug combination IS 'behind' your problems-well it's surly worth checking anyway, isn't it?

So maybe I'm not, quite so, useless am I? (After all even a 'Chocolate Tea Pot' can carry the water.)

I am genuinely sending you my, very best, wishes. As a Christian I will pray, for you.



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