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Too damned hot

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It's 36 degrees here in the south of France and the level of my neuropathic pain has increased to an unbearable level.

It is bad enough when the temperatures are low but I feel desperate for some pain relief. My hands are stinging so much it is like I have plunged them into a nest of wasps.

I feel so helpless and hopeless nothing helps and there is no cure. Utterly fed up with this daily battle.

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David and I + 2 Border Collies are moving to Tenerife week on Monday. Yes it is slightly cooler there around 32c but it has a very dry climate which helps him enormously

Every time we have been he takes less meds in spite of deteriorating, feels good and actually able to do little bits. Last time his BP crashed and he ended up in hospital. Takes meds for high BP. Climate brings it down So on top of it dropping naturally he got a double dose.

And there's you the opposite. Suffering in the heat.

Would ice help your hands? In a bowl or wrapped in tea towel to stop burning.? It would certainly numb them if ice didn't melt too quickly. Or one of tose therapy bean bags used straight from the freezer?

Alternative move to the Canaries!

Pat x

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Suzyhayes in reply to Bananas5

Thanks Pat for your response. I do use ice bags from time to time but only gives temporary relief. I think my condition is deteriorating irrespective of the weather.

Good that a warmer climate gives your David some pain relief. I wish you good luck with your move. I wonder how you cope with all that is involved with such a major upheaval. Did you say in an earlier post that you had lost your sight. You are a very brave lady. Bon courage.

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Bananas5 in reply to Bananas5

Sorry I can't offer more help. Yes I did lose my sight over 30 years ago. Just means I do things bit differently - sort of unconventional! But never stood in my way.

Medicine moves so fast . What was unheard of a few years ago seems normal now but pain is still an all consuming battle



I totally agree with you regarding your neuropathic pain,nobody understands how intense this pain can be,from waking up till going to bed,it brings out the utmost turmoil that the human body generates and it plays havoc with your emotions,as I to suffer and have done for over 4 years,and the most annoying and frustrating issues are that there seems to be no cure,I've tried every type of medication possible and when you've tried every type of tablet to cure your illnesses then your blighted with bouts of depression so I understand your situation totally and if only a moan about your problems helps you feel better then that's fine,it's a lonely place sometimes so be assured we all know that life with this illness is a difficult situation and I know this sounds crazy but try and keep yourself physically active,take your pain killers regularly and sometimes it distracts your body from the aches and pains,and don't feel guilty if you need to go to bed during the day,as that gives you a break so good luck from a fellow sufferer

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Suzyhayes in reply to Cb1963

Thanks CB 1963. I too have had this terrible pain for four years and like you I have tried all the prescribed medicines and therapies to no avail. Nothing works so I don't take anything now.

What can we do. Endure it or end it. I don't want to end it because I find life so interesting. The current political situation is fascinating and occupies my mind but the pain always dominates. Bon courage

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bettyfl in reply to Cb1963

Very good advice. What I would have written. I am in my ninth year of ic pudendal neuralgia Vulvarynia now I fin out I might need a hysterectomy cause my uterus is pushing on my rectum so much interfering g with bowel movies. Bladder prolapse rectocele I just said last night after finding all this out yes yesterday I wish they could remove my whole pelvis and I will use the bags.i am frustrated but hopeful. I was in dire pain when I said that last night.


I have a genetic neuropathy in my feet, and I live with pain every day and have for 25 years. It has been so bad I had to work in a motorized wheelchair. I feel your pain

I totally understand, I have had neuropathy for 8 years now, it wasn't really that bad till I had surgery in 2013, I was in hospital for 4 weeks and when I came out not only had the pain got a lot worse but it had also gone into my hands. The pain was excruciating! That's when I ended up on meds for it.

I had another long stay in hospital in 2014, again a month, this time, while I was in there I had an episode where I couldn't even walk and my left leg went numb from the knee upwards. I had no idea what was causing the neuropathy to worsen. I later found out that it was because all the time I had been in hospital they had been putting compression stockings on me, which makes neuropathy a lot worse!

The meds I am on now don't fully take the pain away really. The pain clinic I go to are worse than useless! It is very depressing knowing there is no cure for it. I pray all the time that one day they will find a cure for this.

For those of you where cannabis is legal, slow cooking it in coconut oil and applying it externally to the affected area. (Youtube) . Also applying externally topically to the affected area crushed valium and mixing it in a compound presciption of Traumeel in a fatty base (traumeel 10% and compounded in aquaphor ointment 30% in a compounding pharmacy)

I am so sorry to hear that. I too suffer neuropathic pain but in other places. See where I answered the post below. Hang in there and pray. God hears all our prayers. And yes as said below if you can when it cools off get out in nature it helps make the mind peaceful. There is something about water that soothes the mind and soul.

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