For some bizarre reason my HU account has been hacked.

If anyone wants to know who or what I am they only have to ask not go in with a crowbar trying to find out the hard way

It is an invasion of my privacy and not a pleasant feeling. But....back on track again as long as I can remember my new password. At least i am still me!! Pat to my many friends here.

Apologies to those who have sent messages. Please don't think I am ignoring you.  Blame the person with the crowbar!

Right off to listen to all the posts.

Hugs to everyone

Pat x

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  • It's spooky and aggravating isn't it  😨 That happened to me too, but I  blew it by just not being on HU for ages.  Excellent you are still hanging in there  😆 Don't let the !@#$/  get you down - people will be understanding, its probably happened to others too 🌺😩💕

  • Pointless. Guess they do it cos they can.


  • Hi Paton, Why would anyone Hack into a site like this? what do the gain from it, if they can hack into this site does that mean they can get further into other information on my laptop? it makes me wonder if its safe to talk on the site but I do understand your previous comments about personal information. There are some odd people out there Regards Lyzzie.

  • Still  love you Pat. Hope the crowbar has not caused you too much annoyance. 


  • Awe thanks Rib!


  • Sorry to here someone as tried to hacked into u hu,

    Big hugs to u and david 

  • Hi Pat that is not good news , maybe there are others on site with the same problem, that's why they don't appear on site for ages. Hope you are well was it you who was moving? If so ,hope all went well. Glad to see you again xx

  • Thanks Katie

    Hacking into a pain forum seems a fruitless exercise to me. Apart from nuisance to the recipiemt what can they learn?

    Yes tis us moving but no haven't gone yet! Huge almost filled skip in the drive says we are another step closer. And that is just from the sheds!!


  • Looks like a massive job ahead of you Pat, don't envy you the task. You don't need hackers to mar your progress when you need support either do you ? Anyway bye for now let you get on with things. xx

  • How did you know you were hacked ? Strangely enough my email list , nothing to do with HU was hacked a few days ago and messages were sent to everyone from some diet supplement company. Sorted now but embarrassing as my surgeon in Glasgow was on the list among others. Its a minefield out there however wonderful a tool the internet can be.

    You don't think there was anything sinister going on though do you ?

    Hope you have a peaceful day. How's the SIjoints ?


  • I couldn't get in with my password. HU just wouldn't accept it. I only use my user name and not email. Changed my password eventually and bingo. Now to remember what that is!!

    I have been hacked on FB several ties but the last one they actually set up a page in my name. Imagine 2 of me!!! Like you with emails they just want it as a space for ads. Yes they sent out friend request to all my friends. Most ignored but a few answered.


  • Hi Pat,

    Welcome back! Gaud, that's not good! Perhaps we should all change our passwords on HU if there's a hacker about!? I guess hackers get into simple accounts people hold to get passwords they may use for bank accounts etc... 😱😡


  • My password here was one I have had for 4 years which never needing changing. Hackers had got it from another account so just struck lucky I guess.. If you are woorried about them finding out you have chronic pain then change but don't think there is much to worry about. Just B nuisance

    Can't manage on line banking.- that is just one step beyond duty!!


  • Ah, I changed the pw anyway - not coz of the cp but just do not want to be hacked anytime soon - gah! Now gotta try and remember the new pw... 😳🙄👍🏼😍

    Facebook IS the worst although wifi on mobile phones may be no.1!!

  • Hahahahaha


  • I had the same problem of not being able to use my password? It eventually sorted itself out I did not realise I could have been hacked! Perhaps it is a fault with the HU servers or something? Being hacked is bad I closed my Facebook page because of that, luckily I don't think that whoever did it caused any long term damage,but I still won't use Facebook as I have heard it is the worst site for hacking ,and when you contact them they are arrogant and deny everything " It could not have happened, you must have given your password to someone else " err no I never give passwords to anyone ,as I rarely see anyone in real life I am a agoraphobic Recluse so how in heck can I?

  • Yes, FB terrible for security but wifi mobile phone totally insecure... 🙄😳👍🏼

  • Hi Paton

     I mean this question to be sincere and not offensive in anyway but why would someone hack into your account? What's in there other than what we read? Or am I missing something obvious?


  • Not at all.

    When hackers unlock a password they use that to find other accounts with the same word. See if they can find any info maybe to steal identity or as in most cases to use for advertising.


  • hugs Pat, that is a terribly cruel thing. I hope you are okay.

    how is the packing going ?

    hugs Liz xo

  • Oh fine thanks just a bleep bleep nuisance. Looking for info but nothing to glean.

    Filled an enormous skip this week and haven't seen David since Friday!! That's him out of my way! Where does all the rubbish come from?

    Hugs to you too.


  • I hope that the reason for not having seen David is because he is in the bottom of the skip. Rib 

  • Shhhhh


  • I just saw your post. Been inactive a few days. That's disgusting! I'm really sorry you went through that. I hope techk found out who it was and banned them and more if legally possible. Hope didnt happen to anyone else. Seems so irrational unless its spite. I honestly think there should be a name and shame for this kind of behaviour. Hope you'tre getting over it. <3


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