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Back problems

Thank you for the replies I received, it's nice to know that there are people out there that we listen. I've quite  a lot of health problems but my back is the main one. I've suffered for years and now have double scoliosis and problems  with my vertebrae in my back. It's got to the stage where I wake  up in the morning's paralyzed  from the waist down and would have to massage my back to get the feeling back and then have a hour long shower to warm my back up. Last year I had a couple of falls as my legs would go on me and now I hardly go out. I've increased my Zapain to help with the pain. I got offered surgery  to removed a couple of discs but didn't take up the offer as I had a baby at home and back surgery is risky. I've been waiting to see a consultant about the options available  to me for 6months and now I'm fed up with waiting. My depression has got worse so my doctor has increased my medication and refered  me for counselling. The pain is awful and the muscle spasms,  you just have to put up with.  Has anyone any ideas about coping  with the pain. I've also been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips and knees as weĺl as my hands.  

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Hi Bentleyboo

I was going to reply to your first post. I totally understand the constant pain & muscle spasms; I haven't got a magic tip to solve any of it, just my lengthy medication list, physio? massage? acupuncture? meditation? Yoga? Pilates? Pain management doctors, psychologists & specialists? Relaxation? Swimming? Hydrotherapy?

Surgery can be risky and I'm sure you'll hear many different stories & experiences on here. It has changed people's lives for the better; some will say it's the best thing they've ever done but in contrast to that, you'll hear some not so good stuff. Even if the surgery is successful, the scar tissue it leaves behind can give you another problem with pain so it all needs weighing up. Only you can make the decision; make sure you ask the surgeon loads of questions!

I thought I was in the minority with my legs just 'giving way' on me and waking up feeling paralysed in the morning - the massage alone means having to set the alarm even earlier just so I can get up at a decent time! My legs giving way has happened around five times; all of which have meant an ambulance to the ED as I lose my bladder control too. 

I hope you get some support, advice & tips from the other guys on here.


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I have had surgery twice, steroid injections twice and long term pain management. I had lots of pain , floppy fett, numbness and difficulty using the loo.

I had decompression surgery twice, 12 months apart. It was not an easy recovery but the pain went from severe screaming wanting to stick a knife in the but cheek to sever the nerve type pain, to a more manageable I want to cry because I can't do what I want and be who I want to be type pain. 

It still floors me occasionally but I can walk, pee, wash clothes and spend hours ironing with the tablets getting me through. I go walking and camping with cubs and I take everything possible to get me through but what I get back in fun and smiles and camaraderie makes it worth it. 

I had young children , I've missed sports days, trips, parent evenings along the way. They don't notice it, their schooling really worked well as I now have 2 children going to uni next year! My third is doing well in school.

I think I beat myself up for not being like other mums. My kids liked that I wasn't like other mums. Other kids thought it was shocking that my kids clean bathrooms and cooked and hoovered etc. appalling, but now they're all Independant. I have shared the load and we have a strong team ethic. 

Not everyone had a great outcome but there are a fair few of us who are getting by. Hope this helps 😊


Hi Rayjayc, thank you for your reply. The problem I have is the doc has told me that because I've suffered from scoliosis  (double) for over 20+ years and problems with my L4/5, L5/S1, L3/4 (whatever that means) that my spine would be set in a certain  position and if they operate they could snap my spine. 

The worrying part is when my legs go on me or when I wake up paralysed in the morning. I've tried physio but that made the pain 10 times worse. I have to be carefully as I suffer from Emphysema,  that by itself is awful. I can't wait for the hot weather as its heat treatment for my back. I love the Sun but have to be careful because of my Emphysema. ☺


I was wondering about suggesting breathing as a pain management technique.  Now I see you have emphysema I am certain.  Check out diaphragmatic breathing for each condition.  I could give you some links but it is better if you cross reference them yourself since you know better what you can manage.  Although I have tramadol for when I need it I prefer alternative methods and the breathing plus meditation really do help.

Also, have you ever been to physio?  It is possible to reverse the scoliosis in some circumstance but you would probably need training up on the exercises necessary rather than just 'go it alone'   Though there might be some stuff on youtube that would help (there certainly is for the breathing).


Hi Linlow, I've tried physio but that made my back worse so now I take pain killers, lovely hot showers (heat ttreatment) and the Sun (another source  of heat treatment). Also I have a massage now and again but I have to be careful there.

The scoliosis  Can't be reverse as my spine is rigid after having scoliosis for over 20+years. The bottom curve is worse than the top one as its classed as severe scoliosis because you can actually  see the curve in the spine.

I can't go horse  riding which I loved (I was in a show jumping team), can't go cycling(I used to do lots of cycling races for  My local cycling team) and can't go diving (used to be in a diving team) but there are people worse  than me.

Out in the garden I go as the Sun is shining and the birds are singing.☺


that's a tragedy.  I used to keep an active life myself, though not so sporty, and do miss it.  But I say the same too, I could be so much worse off.  I wake up breathing every morning so have a lot to be grateful for :)


Have you tried osteopathy?  When my spine became locked I tried osteopathy.  'Bone crunching' works for some people, didn't work for me.  But the osteopath I was seeing also offered cranial osteopathy.  That worked like a dream.  (Though I have to say you do have to find someone who is good at it.)


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